Choosing a broker may be one of the most important things you do in your real estate business to help you learn, grow and earn a living. Each agent needs to place their license with an experienced real estate broker; an individual who has at least two years of experience with their sales associates license, and who has taken more education and exams to become a full-fledged broker. A broker can make or break your real estate career, since they are the one supporting you, guiding you, and offering you help along the way. If you’ve started your search for a real estate broker, here are a few things you should know:

Commission Splits – Each broker is completely different on what they want to offer their agents. The commission split then becomes one of the biggest factors in where you want to place your license. If you’re a newer agent that needs all kinds of training and support, you can expect your broker to take a higher split of your commissions, since they’ve put in a lot of work to get you to where you need to be. Some brokers may even charge a “desk fee” to help them pay for the office overhead expenses, and to weed out any agents that aren’t planning on working much. You will want to be incredibly diligent on your commission split research. Ask your broker what kind of split they offer, if they offer a different split for new agents versus experienced ones, if they charge a desk fee and if there are any expenses that they haven’t yet mentioned. You’ll want to run your numbers when you get home, so you can see which broker will truly benefit your real estate career.

Training and Support – Your broker will want to mold you into the kind of agent that takes control of their Baker Real Estate business. They understand that you may need some hand holding to begin with, but will want to help you become the best agent you can be. Brokers offer all kinds of support; some are big on emotional and mental support. They understand that the real estate business can be rough and can take a toll on your confidence when things don’t work out. Some brokers offer counselors and organization coaches that can help you map out your real estate future. For other brokers, their support may come in the form of training and technical tools. There are hundreds, even thousands of tools that brokers can offer to make their agent’s lives easier; many of these include e-filing systems, contact managers, and offering a desk equipped with your own computer and phone.

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