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The competitive nature of the real estate market brings a whole new meaning to “keeping up with the Jonses.” When a prospective buyer enters search terms for specific criteria and location, whatever homes listed on the results page will be in competition with each other. Along with your home, the buyer is likely going to be looking at some of these other houses that fit your criteria. This means that you’ve got to stay competitive by both keeping up and standing apart. Some ways you can keep your home competitive when selling Baker real estate:

Keep up with your web presence

The number one way that buyers connect to sellers now is through the internet. With so many options for what kind of home you want, the internet makes it easy to filter out what you don’t want to look at. Because so many buyers primarily look for listings on the internet, it is essential to have an established web presence. Your agent should be working to market your listing on a variety of types of sites. And if your house was promoted on these sites when you first put your home up for sale, but haven’t been posted anywhere recently, you should market to some new sites and reach a different range of people.


Pricing competitively is a no brainer, especially if you’ve become attached to the house and you have other houses around to keep up with. Many potential buyers know the asking and selling prices of comparable homes in the area, and they will know when a price is out of the correct range. If they have the choice of pursuing a home that is priced competitively and a home that leaves a lot of room for negotiation, they will more likely think the more reasonably priced but comparable home is a better use of their time.


A major reason that a homeowner will pick one home over another is because one is updated while the other needs some work. Even if an outdated area includes a budget for an upgrade, many sellers may be deterred by the idea that your house requires more work than another house. Even small updates or redecorations can make a difference, but most buyers will not be interested in too much of an overhaul unless they actually want to renovate everything to fit their own tastes. Have fresh eyes look through your house for any sore spots and work to give a better impression.

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One of the most difficult aspects of selling a home is negotiating the price you want. While many may see this as a game of strategy between the two parties, the truth is, the process of getting your ideal price for your home starts well before these negotiations. Keep reading to find out how you should be working towards getting your price before you even put your home on the market.

Take a look at the condition of the market

When you set your asking price, you’re not just looking at the value of your home. You’ve got to look at the state of the market. This could be anything from making a physical survey of the quality of the area to looking at statistics of the market’s health. For example, in the last few months, Denver’s home prices have reached record-breaking highs. This means you could list your home at a reasonably higher than usual price.

Do your research

Before you establish an asking price, you should be looking at comparable homes for sale around you, or at those that have been sold. It could even help to pay a visit to these homes at open houses. Consider what the asking prices were of comparable prices that have taken a while to sell and the asking prices of homes that sold quickly. This will give you a good idea of what price the buyers will be enthusiastic about, and what price may have them hesitating to take the process any further.

Don’t aim too much higher than what you really want

A common strategy for home sellers is to have a high asking price in order to leave room for negotiating. However, there are two reasons why setting the price too high could be a bad idea, and one is specific to Denver. A high asking price can scare off a buyer from considering a home further, as they may have many other more fairly priced homes that seem like less work to bid on. Buyers may see an outlandish asking price as a sign that they may not want to do business with that buyer. They may also look at the asking price on a listing and assume the house is too big or otherwise not what they’re looking for without looking into its other features. Basically, potential buyers don’t like to have their time wasted.

The other reason why this is a bad idea is that in Denver, the demand for homes is very high. So high that you may not even need to worry about getting the price you really want. Many Denver sellers are reporting they were able to sell their home quickly and without any price negotiations at all. If your price is fair, listing your house for exactly how much you want can come across to the buyers as no-nonsense, and could motivate them to want to make an agreement before more competition come around. If you have an interested buyer that will not go as high as your asking price, it likely won’t take long for another prospective buyer to come along with the way Baker real estate is selling.

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You’ve finally found it—the home of your dreams. All you want to know is where to sign. Well, before you sign on the dotted line, there are some things to consider first. Here are some tips and warnings for those who fall in love with a home up for sale:

Don’t overlook the cons

If you think you’ve found your dream house, and you’re over the moon over its great features, you should take a step back and look closely at the whole package. Say you’ve been looking for the perfect covered patio for ages, and now you’ve finally found it on what seems like your dream house. In all the excitement, you may have overlooked other negative features, like that lack of an extra bathroom you thought you wanted. While the perfect house sometimes does not exist and it is reasonable to make compromises, you need to keep in mind what exactly your priorities are. You don’t want to get so blinded by all the features in the ‘pros’ column that you don’t even fill out the ‘cons’ section. Sure, you’ll be happy about that covered patio, but after moving in you may remember just how important that other bathroom was. That’s why it’s important to take a close look at your ‘dream house’ without the sparkle in your eye.

It may be too good to be true

Even after a buyer has settled on a home, it can be a while before the home actually becomes theirs with all the processing involved with transferring ownership. There is a lot that can happen between realizing you’re in love with a home and being able to officially call it your own. First of all, the seller could not accept your offer, or you may have to deal with competing offers. Or, you could hit a snag after the inspection reveals an issue. There could also be legal reasons tying up the sale. This is why, after you fall in love with a home, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a done deal to avoid heartbreak.

It may not be practical

When you’re deciding on your home features, it can be tempting to prioritize the things you want rather than the things you need. For example, your fantasy home may include a swimming pool with a waterslide and an outdoor kitchen. Before you even find this dream Baker real estate house, you should consider whether this is really going to be the right home for you.

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We’ve been taking a look at community features that can add to home value. If you’re trying to buy or sell a home, the house and personal property itself is not the only thing you’ve got to think about. Community matters when it comes to home value. If your neighborhood has nice schools, well maintained landscaping and streets, and other features, then that makes your home more competitive in the market. Some other neighborhood or subdivision features that can supplement home value:
Proximity to amenities

Neighborhood factors in especially when you’re looking at how close it is in relation to all your favorite spots. This adds a personal type of value, but you should also consider proximity to urban areas, parks, shopping, nightlife, sporting centers, and other attractions. For many Denver neighborhoods, such as Berkeley real estate, Baker, Cherry Creek and nearby Aurora, outdoor recreational areas will be a huge draw when looking at where to live. The Cherry Creek reserve and other outdoor areas offer opportunities for hiking, camping, swimming, boating, cross-country skiing, and much more. If you are in close walking or driving distance to these areas, this adds to the value of your home. You can also look at the overall convenience of living in Denver—you’re a short car ride away from skiing in the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by plenty of different types of recreational areas and state parks.

Special events

Living in a community that is close to any special events can increase home value, even if these events aren’t happening every day. Even annual events bring attention to the area, which makes properties more desired overall—value tends to follow the action, as restaurants and other establishments that add value often sprout up around areas that hold special events.

Pet friendliness

There are two main concerns when it comes to pet friendliness. If you’re talking about buying and selling real estate, the home owner will be able to decide whether or not to get a pet—unless you live in a condominium or similar type of complex that has certain restrictions on dogs. The other issue is how nice the community is in terms of use for your pet—are there nice dog-walking paths nearby? This is where pet friendliness goes beyond whether they are allowed or not. A community that is good for pets can add serious value to a home, especially when you consider how important pet-specific amenities are in the life of a pet owner. If you are close to a dog park or another park that is pet friendly, then this could be a major selling point. And if you have a small backyard, a nice neighborhood for dog walking can be a good solution when looking to list Baker real estate.

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If you’re looking into selling your home, you know about all the usual home features that affect value. This typically includes size, age, location, and other big picture features. However, you should consider some features that lower value that you may not expect:

Your neighbors

Even though you’re not looking to sell the property of your neighbors, the surrounding properties still affect your home value. If your neighbors’ homes or yards are in bad shape, this makes your home less attractive, as the new residents would still have to view or drive by surrounding properties. There are several other issues that could make neighbors a problem. They could have built structures close to the property line, or simply just be bad neighbors—perhaps they are chronically loud or don’t prevent their dogs from digging around in your yard. Whether buying or selling a home, keep in mind that the state of surrounding properties matter as well.

Your pool

While many think of a pool of a feature that will increase home value, many prospective buyers do not see it this way. Perhaps they don’t think they’ll use a pool, have young children that create a safety concern, or think that a pool will be too much work. But if they like your house enough, they may choose to either deal with it or fill the pool in. However, this may cause them to be less motivated to put in a high offer, thinking that the pool will only be worth it if the house is a steal. If your home is on the higher end of the price range, most buyers won’t be surprised by the presence of a pool. Buyers in lower price ranges, though, may not be attracted to homes with pools.

Small rooms

You may be surprised to learn just how much small rooms lower home values. Smaller rooms will make a house feel smaller than a house of the same size with larger rooms. Open air environments boost comfort levels, while smaller rooms may make prospective buyers feel claustrophobic.

Bad schools

This feature often takes hopeful home sellers off guard because they may not have had school aged children while living at the home, used private schools, or used the school when conditions were better. Or, they just may have not considered that a prospective buyer would take into account a school when looking at a home. But quality of schools can be a huge motivator for a prospective buyer to not want a home.

If you are thinking of buying or putting up Baker real estate or other areas of Denver and Aurora, then you should consider hiring a PorchLight agent in order to evaluate home features that may decrease home value.

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After deciding it’s time to sell their home, many homeowners consider putting it up for sale by-owner in order to save some money. Potential by-owners should understand just how difficult selling a home without an agent can be. Here are some more challenges for those that choose to sell by-owner:

The piles and piles of “homework”

What some hopeful by-owners who do not want to pay an agent commission don’t realize is how much work goes into earning that commission. Real estate agents have to hit the books to get to know the market and the technicalities of buying and selling homes before they even start selling homes, and then they have the real life experience to boot. Even agents must study up on some issues that could arise during a sale—imagine how difficult this would be without the core knowledge of a real estate agent. Even if you have sold a house before, it may not have been the same type of house or market. Some problems could end up costing more than the advice of an agent, and agents also help deal with things like lenders and inspections, having the experience to know whether certain situations are fair or not.

Entering the marketing network

There’s a reason why real estate agents tend to be social—they have to know a lot of people to help generate business. A lot of their business comes from friends, friends of friends, colleagues’ clients, old clients, and other people from their vast network. They already have a catalogue of potential buyers that they have a good relationship with, meaning they can take a look at your house and know who could be a good match.

Getting the right perspective

One problem of selling by-owner is that owners often need an unbiased perspective on their home. Living in one place for so long can make it difficult to spot the places that need improvement. Owners often don’t realize how cluttered or outdated their home looks on the first impression. Agents can give you advice on staging, decoration, photos, and all that is needed to attract buyers.

The wrong kind of buyers

An unfortunate truth of selling by-owner is that some prospective buyers may assume that the owner is inexperienced and try to get an advantageous deal, thinking they won’t know any better without the advice of an agent. Even if you’re not falling for it, these are not the type of buyers that you want to attract and waste your time. If you are selling Baker real estate or other areas of Denver and Aurora, perhaps consider a PorchLight agent to get you on your way.

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Lately, we’ve been talking about the recovering state of the real estate market. With this recovery comes increased activity in the game of buying and selling. A different market environment means that buyers may have to go a different way about purchasing their new home. Don’t be surprised if you see the following trends:

Bidding wars

There was a time not long ago when sellers were thankful for an offer below their asking price after long periods of no action. Now, in a recovering market, there are more buyers out there, many of which may be interested in the same type of house in the same area. Homebuyers shouldn’t be surprised by multiple offers on a house and resulting bidding wars. This also means that sellers can look forward to the possibility of being able to afford waiting out the lower offers without thinking they missed out on their chance. Not every home for sale will be sold after some bidding, but there are more and more sellers out there who can be more selective in which offers they accept.

Motivated buyers

We’ve been hearing a lot in the past few years about how it’s a buyers’ market. While this is not necessarily untrue now, recent statistics suggest that there are current advantages on both sides of the home sale. For sellers, home prices have been increasing steadily for some time now. In Colorado, median home prices have raised by around 15% since last year. Across the nation, the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price index has reported that prices have been increasing steadily for fourteen months. And, more homes are selling, meaning that there will be fewer homes to choose from than in years past—Colorado’s first quarter home sales have gone up by 16% more than last year. Homes are also on the market for a shorter amount of time, as the average Colorado home is staying on the market around 90 days, cutting down last year’s number by about a week.

List-price offers

While we’ve talked about how this recovering market will see more bidding wars, it will also be seeing more offers matching the homeowner’s list price. With cheap mortgage rates and increased competition, if a prospective buyer falls in love with a home, they know they don’t have as much time before another prospective buyer may come along and put in a competing offer, which could result in paying more than the list price.

Real estate ‘stalking’

With this increased competition comes more dedicated methods. Those looking for a home in this market are often on high alert for home buying possibilities. Some may pursue a home that hasn’t even been put on the market yet after hearing that the owners were thinking about selling through word of mouth. Some may even approach owners of homes they like and ask if they would ever have an interest in selling.

To keep up with what it takes to compete in the Baker real estate market or other areas of Denver or Aurora, having a real estate agent on your side can make the difference between owning your dream home and putting in an offer too late.

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For those with a house on the market, showings can be tricky. You’ve got to manage work, kids, and other aspects of your daily lives while keeping your home ready to show. While big picture things aren’t likely to slip by, the simple, smaller touches can actually leave a big impression, and so home listers do not want to forget these simple steps:

Don’t ignore the little dust that’s settled since your last showing.

The number one thing every home seller knows is to keep their home clean. It is likely that a seller expecting showings will be consistent with the deep cleaning, but don’t forget those last minute touch ups. Even if you’ve recently had a showing, it is likely that dust and other minor uncleanliness have accumulated in your home. In order to make a good impression and avoid distracting your visitors, dust off all of your furniture, sweep, and mop the floors. This goes for all aspects of the house—make beds, do the dishes, get those dirty clothes out of view. Make sure bathroom and kitchen counters are sparkling and that all trash has been taken out. You should also make sure the house smells nice to eliminate common household odors. And, don’t forget the dog! Put the dog outside or in a place where Fido won’t be a bother to your guests

Don’t overlook simple updates

While many home sellers may have redecorated or updated parts of their house with big projects, even the littlest of updates can help leave an impression. If you have faded bed sheets, buy new ones. Throw out extra clutter in order to make your space roomier. Move your droopy plant to somewhere out of view and replace it with a livelier one. Fix that leaky sink or creaky door. Basically, small flaws may not seem like a big deal, but a potential buyer may put these things at the front of their mind.

Don’t leave the lights off

This is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of showing a home. Yes, you’ve disciplined yourself to turn out all the lights when you leave the home, but keeping the lights on for your potential buyers arrival can help leave a good impression. Imagine the first look your buyers get at your house looking just like the pictures on the internet. Make sure the windows are clean and open the curtains and blinds. Leaving the lights on will be worth the brightening effect this will have on your home.

If you are looking at listing your home in the Baker real estate market or other areas of Denver, consider using a PorchLight agent with home showings and other aspects of listing your home.

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Baker is a neighborhood in central Denver known for diverse and historic charm. This lively community is one of Denver’s best kept secrets, having a lot to offer anyone taking a look at Denver area real estate. Be sure to note these great features of Baker real estate:

Historical charm. Baker is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, established in 1859. Looking around, its history is evident—many homes were built around a century ago. However, these houses have been well maintained and updated to preserve this historical charm while keeping the interior according to consumer taste. This means you’ll have both livability and history under the same roof. Check out some beautiful Victorians or a variety of architectural styles, both past and current. To get an idea of the level of history you’ll be getting, the National Register of Historic Places includes thirty blocks of Baker homes and businesses. And Baker is creative with the updates: old schoolhouses may be turned into unique condominiums and streets lined with craftsman homes.

A fun lifestyle mix. Baker is known as a source of abundant cultural charm. You’ll be getting a diverse ethic, social, and economical population that makes living in an urban area so stimulating. Getting to public transportation is easy, and downtown Denver is only a few minutes away. Gaining notoriety as a hip neighborhood, Baker has become a hotspot for commuters, younger residents, or other professionals. With a lively social and nightlife scene, you’ll always be able to find something for a night on the town, including eclectic restaurants and art galleries. Shoppers aren’t far away from the luxury retail at the Cherry Creek shopping center or the famous antique dealers on South Broadway, or SoBo. With all of this in the mix, you’ll have a hard time deciding what kind of city this is—an upscale urban center or a vibrant meatpacking district feel. Either way, this diversity is reflected in the real estate selection: you may find yourself looking at a Victorian single-family home or a more industrial modern condominium that was recently converted.

Colorado living. Despite all of these urban offerings, you still have access to a recreational paradise. Not many people realize that Denver has more sunny days than San Diego. If you want something closer than the surrounding Rocky Mountains, Baker provides many connections to the great outdoors: the largest park in Denver, Phil Milstein Park, offers biking, picnicking, and many other activities. Take your dog for a walk in Daily Park or let your kids explore the park’s playgrounds, or check out the fishing at Washington Park.

If you want to take a closer look at Baker real estate, enlist the help of the knowledgeable and experienced agents at PorchLight Real Estate.

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No wonder Denver is one of the most sought after places to live in the United States: a happening capitol city with beautiful mountain views, more sunny days than San Diego and recreational activities like skiing and hiking right around the corner, Denver has something to offer for every sort of lifestyle. However, the next question is where in Denver to settle.

Several communities within Denver offer a great neighborhood to settle down:

Cherry Creek, a subdivision of Denver, currently features 82 homes for sale according to Trulia. The average listing price of a Cherry Creek home is over a million dollars and the average sales price is $800,000. The median price falls at $502,540. The neighborhood’s beautiful mountain homes often feature a Victorian theme and many luxury features, such a saunas and huge closets. The homes in this community are close to the Denver Country Club and any other amenity you may need: grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, and activities for the outdoor lover as well. A bike path along Cherry Creek, one of the most popular in Denver, runs for over 40 miles and passes the shopping district, historical park, and Cherry Creek State Recreation Area.

Located in central Denver, Baker is known for its historical district and is one of the oldest of Denver’s neighborhoods, first settled in 1859. Many of the homes were built over 100 years ago, but most have been updated with renovations—thirty blocks of Baker are included in the National Register of Historic Places. However, this neighborhood’s diversity means that there is a style of home for everyone, from the updated look to the Victorian charm. And there’s nothing stale about this community’s market: recent statistics show Baker’s home values are earning higher gains than average. You will see a variety of residences for sale, whether you are looking for a condominium or a single-family home. The price range of these residences goes from $100 to about $500 thousand. If you want to live in a place with lots to do, Baker is close to South Broadway Street, a great place to shop or grab a bite.

In Northwest Denver, Berkeley has seen rapid rise of property values within the last two decades and is known for its great parks and recreation centers. You’ll also find a historic charm within Berkeley and the community offers great opportunities for those looking for a fixer-upper or a house already in great shape. Current median home prices fall between $270 and $300 thousand with an average listing price of $329,452. However, the community offers a more expensive selection as well, as some homes list at over $650,000. Berkeley residents don’t have to look far to find something to do—Tennyson Street offers many unique and individually owned shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Denver CO, look no further than these lively and beautiful neighborhoods.

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