So you’ve decided to get your real estate license. Congratulations! You’re in for one of the most rewarding, and satisfying career changes of your life. If you’ve made up your mind to get your license in the next few months, you’ll need to find a school and get going as soon as possible. First check your state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulations page on the steps you’ll need to take to obtain your license. Each state is different, but all of them do require that you pass a pre-licensing course. Once you know the steps you need to take to obtain your license, it’s time to pick the school. There are quite a few kinds of schools you can attend, and you might want to look into each to decide which is right for you:

National Franchise – There are a few big real estate schools that you may have heard of, or have driven by over the course of the years. These schools are well-established and typically have very knowledgeable and helpful instructors. Some of the pros to attending a nationally branded real estate school is the accreditation; they are instantly recognizable to an employer or broker, and you may have even attended the same school and worked with the same instructors.

Boutique School – One of the best options you have for a real estate school is a small, boutique organization. These boutique schools are unique because they often times are attached to an actual real estate broker. These schools understand that one of their only selling points to students is that they are giving them the opportunity to work with them after they earn their education, and for many agents, it’s a great way to ease into the industry. This is a great option for the “teacher’s pet” types, since you have a chance to impress your instructor and potential broker before you even have your license.

Online Classes – Online classes are your final option for Aurora Real Estate schools, and they can be a God-send for many hopeful agents who already have a full schedule. Online schools have exploded in the last decade, ever since the internet offered a way to broadcast competitive classes without all the hassles of night classes, campus parking, scheduling conflicts, and all the other pains of a traditional school. The perks of online classes are quite obvious, but it’s also important to know that you won’t have any real interaction with the educator, nor will you be able to start making connections.

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