Prospective buyers often have a checklist of home features they’re looking for. However, there are certain features that are important but frequently overlooked. Make sure you’re not forgetting about these home features when looking for you dream home:

Surrounding properties

You will want to take a close look not only at your lot but at the surrounding lots as well. How close are your neighbors? If privacy is important to you, look at whether a neighbor’s proximity is a concern. It may be an easy fix such as hedges or a fence, but you don’t want to wait until you move in to find out that a neighbor has a good view of your backyard or windows. Even empty lots can cause issues—while some owners may think of an empty lot next to them as an asset, thinking they’d like not having another house close to them or that the space gives kids extra room to play. Unless you also buy the empty lot next door, a new home could be built there soon, meaning you would have to deal with construction noise and then neighbors. You should also take a look at the lot’s zoning information to see if it is possible that a commercial property could be built there. Also, if you love a home’s views, make sure there isn’t any land for sale in between you home and the golf course, lake, or other attraction that could result in an obstruction of this view.

The commute

Many prospective buyers take into account their commute when looking for a home. However, it is important not to just go by an estimate for how long the commute will take. Take a look at what your route looks like at your travel times. You may find that you underestimated how many delays traffic will bring or that the afternoon commute is much more congested than the morning commute. Also, take in to account whether there are schools close by—morning school traffic can be hectic and may occur at the exact time you’d like to be on the road.

Air conditioning and vacuum systems

Especially if you are new to a geographic area, make sure you know what you’re getting when it comes to air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. If you have bad allergies, a home’s ventilation may be a concern. Not all homes have air conditioning or heating. Also, since many people prefer portable vacuums, a home may not have a central vacuum system.

Old appliances

While a house does not have to have all new appliances, a house with a set of all older appliances may require a lot of expensive updating later on. You can expect to replace some appliances over the years, but if you start out with mostly outdated appliances, updating could get expensive and become a constant source of frustration as your appliances go out of order.

If you are looking at Denver Colorado homes for sale , don’t forget to include these commonly overlooked features on your list.

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