Real estate is an amazing industry filled with opportunity everywhere you look Commission structures generally encourage brokers to train their agents and invest time and money into them so they can bring money into the brokerage. New real estate agents, especially those coming from a salaried or hourly field may have a difficult time understand the world of real estate; the hours, the commission-based lifestyle and the kind of broker they should be looking for. Real estate is unlike any other industry, since agents work for sales, not for the amount of time and effort they put into the closing. If you’re a new agent there are a few things you should know before interviewing with brokers and hanging your license:

Brokers – In this bizarre world of real estate, brokers are actually looking for you! Many agents who have worked in different industries their whole lives can’t quite grasp this concept; they’ve spent years preparing for interviews, trying their best to impress and to beat out their competition. In real estate this is exactly what brokers and recruiters are doing. Real estate brokers need agents to make money; they take a percentage of an agent’s commission. In return for the percentage they try to offer their agents all kinds of incentives to stay with them; a friendly, productive office, the newest technology, a nice commission split, really whatever they need to offer to keep them there.

The Hours – One of the most appealing reasons to get into real estate is to “be your own boss.” Many agents get their license, find a broker, and then they feel stunted. They may sit at home too long wondering if they should be cold calling, or they may use their time unwisely on things like preparing marketing materials and researching. One of the best ways to really make the most out of your real estate career is to get out there in front of people. Whether it’s cold calling a list of expired homes for sale in Denver CO or making new friends at the local grocery store, networking will be the way you make money in this business. No superstar agent works from their pajamas (maybe sometimes, but not on a daily basis) in bed. Agents that are making money are the “movers and shakers,” meaning they are getting themselves out there meeting as many people as possible and learning how to turn clients into sales.

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