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Selling your home can be a long, drawn out process or a quick and profitable one; the choice is yours. Selling your home is much more than putting up a sign and letting people tour your home, selling involves staging, home improvement, negotiating and tons of paperwork. While a more experienced home seller may forgo using a Listing Agent to help them sell, there are a couple things they must do to ensure a quick sale. One of the most important things a seller must do is up their curb appeal.

Landscaping – Landscaping is one of the most important parts of your home’s curb appeal. An empty yard can intimidate first-time home buyers with no landscaping experience. Another big turn off for buyers is a weeded or overgrown yard. Not only does an unkempt landscape stop a buyer before they walk in the front door, it makes them worry what other things went unmaintained around the house, like the HVAC or water heater.

Exterior – If the paint on the outside of your home is cracking or fading, it may be time for a new coat of paint. Some sellers will offer an allowance for paint to help entice buyers, but many buyers would love to move in without the hassle of painting and small fixes. Another reason to throw a coat of paint on that exterior is to change the whole look and feel of your home. Not only will it be new, but you can change a bright or obnoxiously colored home to a warmer and inviting one.

Driveway – Concrete scares people, very easily, in fact. If the house is in great condition but the driveway is older and cracked, many homeowners assume the worst. Their imagination can run wild with worries of sinkhole or foundation damage, thinking that’s the only way a driveway could be in such rough shape. Even for the more reasonable homebuyers may just not want to deal with concrete or hiring a contractor to fix up their driveway, so they could let an otherwise beautiful home go to waste.

Roof – An older roof is another big scare for new homebuyers. While you could give an allowance for repairing or even replacing a roof, it may be best to have the work done before you put your home on the market. A fresh roof and a coat of paint can make a huge difference to buyers when you’re trying to sell, and anytime you’re in a buyer’s market it’s nice to have an advantage.

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So you’ve decided to list your house with a local Realtor, you’re on your way to getting your place sold. One of the first things your Agent may ask you, is if they can put a lockbox on your front door for showings. Some homeowners, especially first-time sellers, may be confused or even angered by this. They may think it’s the Listing Agent’s sole responsibility to be available for showings. So what are the benefits of using a lockbox to show your house?

Scheduling – Scheduling showings is one of your Real Estate Agent’s most important jobs. They need to coordinate a time when you can leave the home, when the Buyer’s Agent is available and of course when the buyer is available. If they were planning on showing the house, it would require at least 4 separate schedules to work just to see one house. Unfortunately, in the real estate business, this just isn’t always doable, so your Agent uses a lockbox for the Buyer’s Agent to access your home. If you’d prefer your Listing Agent to be at every showing, you could be turning down interested Buyers, which isn’t good in a Buyer’s market. There are too many great homes for sale right now to lose your advantage in a scheduling conflict.

Privacy – Buyers enjoy their privacy when viewing homes, they want to open closets and measure doorways, they’re looking at your home as both a living space and an investment, so they’ll want to check out every little detail. A lot of Sellers don’t understand this and want to be present for showings. Even if a Seller has the best intentions and wants to be present to answer questions, point out selling features or even offer some home-baked cookies, you can easily scare a Buyer off. Buyers need to see themselves in your home, not feel like you’re hosting them.

Options – The biggest concern for most Sellers is that a lockbox won’t be safe for their family, but there are a few options on how and where you can have the lockbox placed. First, you can opt for an electronic box, which are safer since only licensed Realtors have a key. Electronic lockboxes can even set time restrictions when the box cannot be opened, like between 9pm-7am. You can choose to place the box on the front door, or somewhere more hidden, in the back.

The most important thing to realize with lockboxes is that your Denver real estate agents will know who has had access to them. It’s considered a serious offense to give away lockbox information and most Real Estate Agents wouldn’t jeopardize their career for a quick buck.

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Selling your home can be a long and exhausting process, especially in a buyer’s market. Often times you’re competing with motivated sellers or even bank-owned properties. So how do you stand out in a buyer’s market?

Marketing If you haven’t contacted a Realtor to sell you property, you’ll need to know how to market your property. The Denver Colorado homes for sale section of the newspaper used to be a great resource, but as times have changed, many people go to the internet to find their new home. Look at sites like Zillow and Trulia and get an idea for how a Realtor describes a property, then list your own on as many sites as possible.

Word of Mouth Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. Not only is it free advertising, but each friend or co-worker you reach out to can relay your information on to their own network of friends and family. Keep a picture of your home with you handy, so if it comes up in conversation you can easily show them your home. Realtors are great with word of mouth advertising, since they are usually tied in with a huge network of other real estate professionals.

Staging In a buyer’s market, staging is huge in selling your home. This may be one of the only advantages you have over bank-owned homes. Foreclosures have flooded the market and are usually in poor condition. Not only do they sometimes need paint, carpet and cosmetic work but they are vacant, unlived in homes. While some people may believe a vacant home is easier to sell since people can imagine their own furniture in them, it’s actually quite the opposite. An empty room looks smaller than a filled one, and it’s difficult for a prospective buyer to imagine their furniture fitting there. Use staging to your advantage by keeping your home clean, organized and depersonalized. Your home should feel like a model, so your buyer can picture just swapping out the furniture and being done.

Enlist a Realtor Finding a Listing Agent to list your property may be the best route for selling your house quickly and at a fair price. Your Realtor will market your property, stage your home and negotiate with buyers and their agents. Yes, a Realtor will collect a commission on the sale of your home, but listing with a Realtor can give you piece of mind that you have an Agent looking out for your best interests and who wants to sell your home as quickly and for as much as possible.

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Just because the holidays consume our lives for a month, doesn’t mean the world stops turning. It’s true that some people hold off on house hunting through the holidays because they have more important things on their mind. For many out of state and motivated buyers the holidays are a perfect time to house hunt, since they have some time off from work. For sellers, it’s the perfect time to show your house in all its glory; clean, decorated and smelling like the comfort of the holidays. Since home buying is usually a very emotional decision, the holidays can be a great time to sell your house, just follow these do’s and don’ts and you might be ringing in the New Year with a sale!

Don’t Take a Break – Believe it or not, some homebuyers will take their house off the market during the holiday season. It may be for a number of reasons, if they plan on being out of town for an extended period, if they plan on having family over, or they may just assume that no one is looking near the holidays.

Do Decorate – As we mentioned earlier, home buying is a very emotional process. Buyers want to feel comfortable and happy in their new home. Making your home feel welcoming and spirited can help sell your house. With selling any home, you will want to depersonalize your décor. Kids’ artwork and large family portraits can stay in storage, but a Christmas tree, stockings and cookies can leave a great impression on your potential buyer.

Don’t Reveal Clutter – The holidays can be chaotic; there are meals to cook, gifts to wrap and cookies to bake. De-cluttering your home is extremely important in selling your house. Clean out your closets and personal items as much as possible. If you need to store them in your garage, box them up nicely to keep them out of sight. Once the closets are clear, you will have room to store the items that you actually use (like shampoo, razors, and hand towels) on days of showings.

Do Opt for a Lockbox – Your Denver real estate agents should offer you the option to have a lockbox on your front door. A lockbox allows access to other Real Estate Agents for showing your property. While it may be stressful to have a stranger in your home when you’re away, Real Estate Agents follow a strict code of ethics to make sure your home is left in the same condition and that the lockbox number does not become public knowledge.

About PorchLight Real Estate: PorchLight Real Estate Group has the most experienced and knowledgeable Denver real estate agents in Colorado. For more information about homes for sale in Denver CO or specific neighborhood homes please visit