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More than likely, you’ve been hearing a great deal about mortgages and other real estate financing issues in the news lately. For someone who is not familiar with this type of financing, it can be difficult to understand. Here are some basic tips to know about obtaining funding for Cherry Creek homes for sale.

Your agent can help

While your agent doesn’t have any authority when it comes to approving you for a loan, they can certainly help with the process and will likely know a great deal about it. Agents know a sale isn’t really closed until every little issue has been resolved, and financing is a big issue. Your real estate agent’s expertise may not specialize in obtaining financing, but they have surely navigated the process successfully several times before. Your agent can give you advice concerning all of your options and by suggesting some lenders to work with that they have had good experiences with in the past.

You don’t have to go to a bank

While banks are certainly the most common lending method, there are several options available to homeowners. You could do seller financing, meaning the lender is the actual previous owner of the house, which is a service that the seller would have to be totally on board with—this is something often done if the seller is having a hard time selling the home and offers seller financing as a motivator. The advantage here is that by bypassing the bank, you are going to have a faster and cheaper process.

You can take out a loan against a life insurance policy. This can actually be relatively easy due to the lack of application process. An idea growing in popularity lately has been rent-to-own, where the future owners actually get a trial period of the house while getting a temporary place to live. And don’t forget the cash option. It’s not something you would be able to do on shorter notice, but it’s a good idea to tuck away for the future.

You money may be held by a third party

If you have an agreement with a seller to buy their home, you won’t exactly send the money straight to them. Payments are often held in escrow, meaning a third party holds the funds until certain agreed upon conditions were met. If the conditions aren’t met, then the other party may be able to back out of the sale without consequences.

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Whether you’re gearing up to start showing your home after putting up Denver real estate for sale, or interest has dwindled since the initial rush of visitors, it may be time to rethink your game plan if you feel you aren’t getting enough interest. The problem may be that the impression of your home lacks pizazz. You should work with your agent on bringing interest back. Here are some ways you can amp up interest in your home:

Highlight your home’s strong points

Every home has its weak spots, but there’s nothing wrong with working to bring attention to your home’s strong points instead. Take a look at the most desirable features in your home and decorate or arrange in order to bring focus to that feature. If you have a beautiful fireplace, center the seating around it and have a warm fire going if the weather permits. If your pool is a wonderland, make sure the waterfall is running when you’re holding showings. Just repainted the exterior? Give your yard a little landscaping to showcase this. Highlighting the most prized features of your home not only gives a greater overall impression, but it will give your home more character as well if your buyers leave with certain elements sticking out in their mind. Some buyers will be looking at a lot of different houses, and so a house with character will be more memorable.

Take professional photos

If your interest is stagnant, the problem may be that your photographs aren’t reeling anyone in. If your photos are low quality or unflattering, you still may get some visitors at first out of curiosity or from those that always check out a new listing. But after this is over a bit after you’ve started showing, then it might be time to take new pictures. A good idea is to hire a professional photographer and stager, a person who decorates a house with showing and selling in mind. If that’s not in the budget, your agent will still be able to make suggestions for better photos.

Redecorate or update

If you feel like your home presentation is dull, redecorating and updating can spice up the look of your house. This could be as simple as getting some bright throw pillows for the couch or as complicated as retiling a bathroom.
Give your marketing plan a second look

The problem could be simply that you’re not reaching enough people. Ask your agent what outlets they are using to reach buyers, and consider reaching out to different websites or client bases.

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In order to understand how Denver came to be such a rich and vibrant city, it can help to take a look at the city’s long history. Many people living in Denver enjoy staying connected to the city’s past, as the city’s atmosphere preserved many of the ideals that the area was founded upon. Denver enjoys a unique identity partly due to this history.

The city of Denver began in 1858 as Montana City, a mining town on the South Platte River. Thanks to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush enjoyed by the Kansas Territory, gold prospectors settled in Montana City, then moving to the settlement of Auraria and St. Charles City. These first settlements would eventually become what we all know of as Denver.
A prospector claimed land on the river’s bluff along the point that the South Platte River and Cherry Creek meet by saving the spot with cottonwood logs. The prospector, General William Larimer, gave it the name Denver City, after the territory’s governor, James W. Denver. An early indicator of Denver’s great location and recreational elements, the spot was easy to reach with trails along the river.

Denver’s real estate business was booming from the beginning, as Larimer and friends strategized to sell Denver land to buyers that would get the settlement’s population and economy stirring, including merchants and miners. This exciting frontier town easily attracted emigrants. Wagon trails were developed, and then in 1870, a link to the trans-continental railroad (a project funded by citizens) opened up a wider range of opportunities besides mining, leading to a boom in prosperity. During this period of growth, Denver became known as a service and supply town, as many towns connected to railroads do. City leaders continued to try and grow the young city by appealing to industry management and workers. Denver became the second-largest city to the west of Omaha by 1890 and earned the nickname, “Queen City of the Plains” due to Denver being an industrial center for the surrounding agricultural areas.

So, why consider Denver’s history when looking at buying or putting up Denver real estate for sale?

The history makes it evident that, from the start, Denver’s founders designed the city with the goal of attracting residents and keeping them happy. These ideals have been maintained, and contributed to why Denver is such a great place to live today. The city provides access to all the recreational activities you associate with Colorado along with nightlife, arts culture, indoor recreation, Cherry Creek homes for sale and much more. The city that started out appealing to movers and shakers has developed into a city that strives to have something for everyone.

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If you are buying and selling a house, it can be difficult to understand all the real estate terminology you would come across in the process. Too keep yourself in the loop with Aurora real estate, you either need to have a helpful agent or time to hit the real estate books. Check out some common real estate terminology so that you don’t get left behind:

Escrow—a party outside of the buyer and seller that holds onto funds until notified that the transaction can officially take place. This may be used when there are conditions that must be met before the transaction, but the other party needs the reassurance that the money is there.

Amortization—a method of loan payment where the borrower must follow a payment schedule. The initial period of this schedule will primarily focus on repaying the interest first.

Underwriting—this is when lenders will take a close look at the financial risk of lending to a buyer and determining the right characteristics for the loan. The lender will also look at appraising value of the house in regards to future collateral. The borrower will have to pay an underwriting fee for these services and for verifying data from the borrower’s application.

FHA—the Federal Housing Administration, which offers mortgage insurance from approved lenders. This is called an FHA insured loan.

Agency disclosure—during a real estate transaction, the requirement for agents to be upfront concerning who they are representing. Different states will have different laws determining at which point in the process this must be disclosed.

Upgrades—an option to improve a feature of the home. When looking at home features, if there is a weak spot that is not just a quick fix, then the seller will often offer an upgrade as part of the package.
Decorating allowance—similar to upgrades, a decorating allowance is an agreement that money will be offered by the seller for redecorating. This is often held in escrow, and is typically negotiated along with all the other terms of the purchase agreement.

Encroachment—this is a structure on a neighboring property, such as a fence, that extends over the boundary lines. This is a common concern for potential buyers, as the previous owners may have agreed to the encroachment (Letting tree branches extend over the fence because they thought it was pretty, for example.) didn’t notice, or did notice but didn’t say anything.

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A common question from those selling their home is: “Why can’t I get showings anymore?” Many sellers may host many showings at first but then see them slowly taper off the longer your home is on the market. There are many reasons for this, and many ways you can stimulate interest:

The initial rush is over

Before you put your house on the market, you should understand that there is already a market of buyers that have been looking around for their dream home for a while, hovering over the listing database for any new listing to look into. Many of these buyers have already seen everything that’s already out there, and so they will be sure to look into any new listings right away. They already know what they want and they already know what their market has to offer, meaning if they have any interest on the home, they will want to jump on the opportunity right away in order to avoid competition from other similar prospective buyers.

This is why you will typically see a rush of interest after first putting your house of for sale. Along with the above types of buyers, you could also see some that are just curious about the new listing and aren’t serious about buying anything anytime soon. If this rush of interest does not result in any offers, don’t worry—it is common for this initial interest to not result in anything serious, as many prospective buyers are so thorough that they will check out a new home even if they have a hunch it isn’t for them. You may see a prospective buyer come back later after this rush after considering your home or other more serious interest after your home has been on the market for a few weeks. Some serious buyers also may not jump on the house right away, as they may be focusing on other houses first or want to reflect upon the listing before approaching the home itself.

Your marketing isn’t reaching anyone

This may be an issue with your agent or your marketing strategy if you are selling by-owner. The reason you’re not getting any showings may be because new prospective buyers may not be seeing your listing. If you initially marketing your home through several outlets and put out fliers, you may not be getting any new buyers because these strategies aren’t attracting any new people. Whether you are listing Cherry Creek homes for sale or other areas of Denver and Aurora, changing up your strategy and listing on different websites or other outlets to try and widen you marketing network.

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Location, location, location—odds are, you’ve heard this old real estate saying before. It is almost as if only half of buying and selling a home has to do with the actual house itself, while the other half has to do with the homes location, including its neighborhood or subdivision. As you are buying or selling a home, you should keep these important neighborhood features in mind:

It is well manicured

This is perhaps the most common neighborhood or subdivision feature that home buyers will look at. They know that they will be driving past this space every day, making it just as important as the condition of their actual home—except you will not have as much control over its condition. Having an attractively maintained neighborhood, with landscaping and proper trimming, can add a lot to home value and satisfaction. So, if you are buying a home, inquire as to how consistent upkeep is around the neighborhood.

Nice streets

Aside from nicely manicured streets and common areas, you should also look at the condition of the street, driveway, and individual parking space. You should consider these questions regarding the state of a neighborhood’s streets:
Are there a lot of potholes or other concerns for safety or damage to your vehicle?
Will you be happy driving down a bumpy road every day?
Is my own driveway in good condition?
What parking options do I have, especially when my neighbors or I have company?

Good schools

Whether you have children or not, you should consider the quality of your neighborhood’s schools, as this can have a great effect on home value. If you are in a school district notorious for poor education, then you may have trouble selling the home to families with children in the future, and you should be concerned if you do have kids for obvious reasons. Living in an area with notoriously great schools, however, could mean that a family with kids could want to pay more for a home in this district.

Homes with appropriate spacing

As you look at the neighborhood, you should check out how close the properties and homes are to each other. When homes on neighboring properties are spaced further apart, this adds to the value, as this makes where a home sits feel more comfortable and improves privacy. The value of your community’s homes not only effects the value of your own home, but if your neighbors are specifically close to your home, this could be a concern after move-in when looking at Berkeley real estate.

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Comments from prospective buyers can be incredibly helpful, whether it’s to communicate their interest or how the home could show better in the future. There are certain types of comments that sellers should expect, and certain measures they can take to improve their home showing ability. Some comments that sellers can expect after showings, and what they can do about them:

“The neighbors are too close/loud/visible.”

The problem: After taking a close look at your property, your potential buyer may comment that the neighbors are an issue. The buyers may not like how close the neighbor’s home is to their property, how much they can see into the neighbor’s property or vice versa, or they may have gotten the impression that the neighbors were loud or otherwise rowdy. For many buyers, this would be difficult to deal with.

The solution: You know you can’t control the behavior of your neighbors, but if you’re getting too many comments from showings that the neighbors are an issue, you can take measures to prevent this feeling. Install a fence or hedges that give more privacy. If you are having problems with noise and similar behavior, however, this can get tricky. You can try to politely talk to the neighbors about problems with their dogs or noise levels, which is likely to go better with a plate of cookies or muffin basket. You shouldn’t say, “. . . because I’m trying to sell my home,” however, because you don’t want this to be a continued problem once the new owners move in. If this doesn’t work, and the neighbors pose a significant noise problem or similar issue that could be easily fixed, you could consider issuing a complaint to the homeowners association or local police if they have the authority to help.

“We don’t want a (main home feature)”

The problem: the issue here is that this comment may be confusing for hopeful sellers. Don’t be surprised if a buyer takes a look at your home, knowing the home’s features, and then says that they aren’t interested in a pool or two stories. The seller may wonder why this potential buyer wasted their time looking at a home with two bathrooms if they are looking for three.

The solution: Understand that just because a seller wants a certain feature, or lack of a feature, doesn’t mean that it is a deal breaker. The buyer may be curious whether the home has other redeeming qualities that are more important to them, or how easy it would be to remodel or otherwise fix things when buying Denver Colorado homes for sale.

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With all the advice floating around for first time home buyers, we’ve been giving some tips to potential first time home sellers. Like buying, selling is a lot of work, especially if it’s your first time at the rodeo. Take a look at what first time sellers should be prepared for:

Expect to be busy at the beginning

When you enter a home market, understand that there are already a lot of existing hopeful home buyers who have been on the search for a long time—there may even be buyers who have been waiting at the gate for their perfect home to go on the market for the last few years. These buyers are constantly monitoring new additions to the market and their online listings, and so any newly added home will be of interest. This is why you should expect the most interest within your first few weeks of trying to sell your home. The problem is that not all of this interest may be really serious. However, if you don’t find a buyer within this period and your interest starts to taper off, understand that this is normal and that you still have some time to find the right fit.

Be realistic with pricing

Many first time buyers are not realistic about how to price their home. This is usually due to the fact that their perceived value of the home is very different from a realistic price. The seller may be going by the amount they previously purchased the home at or the assessed value for tax purposes. Or, they may just be fantasizing about getting a large sum for their home. One issue may be our previous point—at first you’re going to have a lot of interest, and this can give you false confidence about how appropriate your price is. If your price is too high, you’ll likely find yourself without any offers once the rush is over, or with offers that are lower than what you asked. While some sellers may purposely list high in preparation for low offers, it can be a great strategy to price competitively from the beginning. If you list your home at a price that is fair from the beginning, you may find yourself with reasonable offers during your busiest period, meaning you could save yourself the time it would take to keep your home on the market longer in Cherry Creek homes for sale .

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You hear a lot about first time home buyers, but what about first time sellers? Selling your first home can be just as tiring and confusing as buying it. If you are putting a piece of property up for sale for the first time, take a look at these helpful tips:

You can’t predict when the sale will happen

Even if your agent has tried to predict a window of when your home might sell, don’t get set on this number. While it’s possible to know current trends, it’s impossible to predict what exactly the market and buyers will do. You could get an offer right after putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign, or you could find yourself still trying to sell a year after. A home that doesn’t sell quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that anything’s wrong—in fact, some homeowners that are doing everything right just may take a long time to find the right buyer. So, if you find yourself in your home long after you thought it would have sold, don’t necessarily blame your agent or your home condition. As long as your agent is consistently marketing and scheduling showings, you’re working towards a sale.

Don’t take showing comments personally

A new trend with home showings is to allow the prospective buyers to leave commentary, whether on notecards before they leave or on the listing’s website application. Keep in mind that these comments are supposed to be helpful for your next showing, or to make the first move as far as expressing interest. If the prospective buyers weren’t interested but left a critique, don’t take this personally. People will disagree as far as personal style and preferences go, and perhaps give you some perspective regarding a weak area that stands out to them.

Try and find somewhere to be during showings

First time home sellers will hear the typical showing advice—make sure everything is tidy and clean, leave the lights one, etc. But while some agents would prefer that the sellers aren’t home while the showings occur, they may feel tentative about asking you to leave your own home. Buyers won’t necessarily feel put off if you are home during showings, but it is really best if you take the opportunity to go to the grocery store or take your family out for ice cream. Showings don’t take a long time, and the buyer will probably feel more comfortable if they can take a close look at your home and voice their opinions without having the buyer looking over their shoulder while looking for Berkeley real estate.

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If you’re looking into selling your home, you know about all the usual home features that affect value. This typically includes size, age, location, and other big picture features. However, you should consider some features that lower value that you may not expect:

Your neighbors

Even though you’re not looking to sell the property of your neighbors, the surrounding properties still affect your home value. If your neighbors’ homes or yards are in bad shape, this makes your home less attractive, as the new residents would still have to view or drive by surrounding properties. There are several other issues that could make neighbors a problem. They could have built structures close to the property line, or simply just be bad neighbors—perhaps they are chronically loud or don’t prevent their dogs from digging around in your yard. Whether buying or selling a home, keep in mind that the state of surrounding properties matter as well.

Your pool

While many think of a pool of a feature that will increase home value, many prospective buyers do not see it this way. Perhaps they don’t think they’ll use a pool, have young children that create a safety concern, or think that a pool will be too much work. But if they like your house enough, they may choose to either deal with it or fill the pool in. However, this may cause them to be less motivated to put in a high offer, thinking that the pool will only be worth it if the house is a steal. If your home is on the higher end of the price range, most buyers won’t be surprised by the presence of a pool. Buyers in lower price ranges, though, may not be attracted to homes with pools.

Small rooms

You may be surprised to learn just how much small rooms lower home values. Smaller rooms will make a house feel smaller than a house of the same size with larger rooms. Open air environments boost comfort levels, while smaller rooms may make prospective buyers feel claustrophobic.

Bad schools

This feature often takes hopeful home sellers off guard because they may not have had school aged children while living at the home, used private schools, or used the school when conditions were better. Or, they just may have not considered that a prospective buyer would take into account a school when looking at a home. But quality of schools can be a huge motivator for a prospective buyer to not want a home.

If you are thinking of buying or putting up Baker real estate or other areas of Denver and Aurora, then you should consider hiring a PorchLight agent in order to evaluate home features that may decrease home value.

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