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More than likely, you’ve been hearing a great deal about mortgages and other real estate financing issues in the news lately. For someone who is not familiar with this type of financing, it can be difficult to understand. Here are some basic tips to know about obtaining funding for Cherry Creek homes for sale.

Your agent can help

While your agent doesn’t have any authority when it comes to approving you for a loan, they can certainly help with the process and will likely know a great deal about it. Agents know a sale isn’t really closed until every little issue has been resolved, and financing is a big issue. Your real estate agent’s expertise may not specialize in obtaining financing, but they have surely navigated the process successfully several times before. Your agent can give you advice concerning all of your options and by suggesting some lenders to work with that they have had good experiences with in the past.

You don’t have to go to a bank

While banks are certainly the most common lending method, there are several options available to homeowners. You could do seller financing, meaning the lender is the actual previous owner of the house, which is a service that the seller would have to be totally on board with—this is something often done if the seller is having a hard time selling the home and offers seller financing as a motivator. The advantage here is that by bypassing the bank, you are going to have a faster and cheaper process.

You can take out a loan against a life insurance policy. This can actually be relatively easy due to the lack of application process. An idea growing in popularity lately has been rent-to-own, where the future owners actually get a trial period of the house while getting a temporary place to live. And don’t forget the cash option. It’s not something you would be able to do on shorter notice, but it’s a good idea to tuck away for the future.

You money may be held by a third party

If you have an agreement with a seller to buy their home, you won’t exactly send the money straight to them. Payments are often held in escrow, meaning a third party holds the funds until certain agreed upon conditions were met. If the conditions aren’t met, then the other party may be able to back out of the sale without consequences.

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Along the road of selling your home, you will probably have many different interested buyers. However, it doesn’t take much to lose this interest, especially considering how big of a decision buying a home is. If you selling Aurora real estate, consider these common missteps or turnoffs that can cause a potential buyer to lose interest.

You’re not friendly

Although in initial stages, contact may be brief, you will most likely get to meet prospective buyers once the transaction gets into the more serious stages. Any seller should keep in mind that even though the principle interest is in the house, the way you act can turn off prospective buyers from a sale. Try to be polite and not overbearing, and although it’s understandable that you’re attached to your home, try not to be territorial. Let them get a chance to have a thorough showing without your presence so that they can take a look without being distracted. If you’re annoyed by a showing’s timing and can’t leave your home, try to hide your annoyance.

They saw the neighboring properties

If the buyers liked what they saw on your online listing, this is a good sign. However, they haven’t seen the neighborhood yet. The buyer will be taking note of your surrounding area, neighborhood, and the properties right next to yours. Even if they love your property, if they don’t like the scenery they’ll have to look at every day, this can be a deal breaker. Many buyers can dislike surrounding properties so much that they may turn around and cancel the showing.

The home isn’t as impressive in person

It’s a great strategy to have high-quality photographs of your home, and to decorate strategically to make your home photogenic. In the photos, it is easy to hide or downplay a weak spot you have in the home, or you have excluded areas that need the most updating. But remember that even the best pictures and decorating don’t guarantee as that the buyer will like what they see in person. Perhaps it isn’t exactly what they imagined become disinterested. Or, the features that were purposely excluded from photos were deal breakers.

You don’t respond well to feedback

If your prospective buyers give polite feedback after a showing, take up the chance for some constructive criticism and don’t take it personally. Even if they have some negative things to say, they could still be interested with the intention of making some updates to suit their needs. This is why you should take criticism gracefully, and don’t assume you’ve lost a sale just because the buyer doesn’t like a few things.

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It’s not uncommon for those looking to sell their home to become hopeful about certain potential buyers, only for the buyers to suddenly lose interest. You could be left scratching your head, wondering what you’ve done wrong. With everything on a home seller’s plate, they may have overlooked something that resulted in the buyers becoming uninterested. If you’re selling your home, take a look at these common potential buyer turn offs:

You’re not following procedure

Though it may depend on the market, a home sale transaction follows a certain legal and traditional procedure. If you don’t follow this established process, this could be seen as a red flag for buyers, who do not want a mess over technical matters to get in the way of buying their home. Hiring a good agent can ensure that you’re following the status-quo.

You’re always present at showings

A general rule for showings is that it is better for the seller not to be there. Potential buyers feel freer to take a serious look at a home if the buyer isn’t buzzing around. Looking at a stranger’s home is already slightly awkward, and so a buyer’s presence can take them out of their element and distract them from looking close enough for fear of being impolite. Without the seller’s presence, the buyer can more freely critique the home and tell their true feelings to their agent and buying partners so they can find the perfect piece of Berkeley real estate.

You weren’t totally forthcoming

When you put your home up for sale, you have to inform potential buyers about the home’s vulnerabilities that could cause issues for the new owner in the future. Disclosure isn’t just courteous, they’re required. Misrepresenting homes to buyers has resulted in lawsuits over later problems with the house, such as a chronically leaky roof or a driveway that is prone to flooding. A famous case over termites in 1986, Hill v. Jones, came about because the buyer failed to inform the seller of an infestation before the parties had entered into a contract.

Your price is too high

Whether you are leaving room for negotiation or truly feel that your home deserves a higher asking price than what your research or agent is telling you is fair, a price that is too high is one of the biggest turn offs for buyers. Even if the buyer initially show interest, they may need to be looking for some big redeeming quality with the property to justify spending so much money on a home, and then retreat after finding none. Or, perhaps their lower bid was rejected, and they feel they’ve lost steam when it comes to the home. An unfair asking price could also be seen as a sign that your judgment could make you difficult to do business with.

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In order to understand how Denver came to be such a rich and vibrant city, it can help to take a look at the city’s long history. Many people living in Denver enjoy staying connected to the city’s past, as the city’s atmosphere preserved many of the ideals that the area was founded upon. Denver enjoys a unique identity partly due to this history.

The city of Denver began in 1858 as Montana City, a mining town on the South Platte River. Thanks to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush enjoyed by the Kansas Territory, gold prospectors settled in Montana City, then moving to the settlement of Auraria and St. Charles City. These first settlements would eventually become what we all know of as Denver.
A prospector claimed land on the river’s bluff along the point that the South Platte River and Cherry Creek meet by saving the spot with cottonwood logs. The prospector, General William Larimer, gave it the name Denver City, after the territory’s governor, James W. Denver. An early indicator of Denver’s great location and recreational elements, the spot was easy to reach with trails along the river.

Denver’s real estate business was booming from the beginning, as Larimer and friends strategized to sell Denver land to buyers that would get the settlement’s population and economy stirring, including merchants and miners. This exciting frontier town easily attracted emigrants. Wagon trails were developed, and then in 1870, a link to the trans-continental railroad (a project funded by citizens) opened up a wider range of opportunities besides mining, leading to a boom in prosperity. During this period of growth, Denver became known as a service and supply town, as many towns connected to railroads do. City leaders continued to try and grow the young city by appealing to industry management and workers. Denver became the second-largest city to the west of Omaha by 1890 and earned the nickname, “Queen City of the Plains” due to Denver being an industrial center for the surrounding agricultural areas.

So, why consider Denver’s history when looking at buying or putting up Denver real estate for sale?

The history makes it evident that, from the start, Denver’s founders designed the city with the goal of attracting residents and keeping them happy. These ideals have been maintained, and contributed to why Denver is such a great place to live today. The city provides access to all the recreational activities you associate with Colorado along with nightlife, arts culture, indoor recreation, Cherry Creek homes for sale and much more. The city that started out appealing to movers and shakers has developed into a city that strives to have something for everyone.

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You’ve finally found it—the home of your dreams. All you want to know is where to sign. Well, before you sign on the dotted line, there are some things to consider first. Here are some tips and warnings for those who fall in love with a home up for sale:

Don’t overlook the cons

If you think you’ve found your dream house, and you’re over the moon over its great features, you should take a step back and look closely at the whole package. Say you’ve been looking for the perfect covered patio for ages, and now you’ve finally found it on what seems like your dream house. In all the excitement, you may have overlooked other negative features, like that lack of an extra bathroom you thought you wanted. While the perfect house sometimes does not exist and it is reasonable to make compromises, you need to keep in mind what exactly your priorities are. You don’t want to get so blinded by all the features in the ‘pros’ column that you don’t even fill out the ‘cons’ section. Sure, you’ll be happy about that covered patio, but after moving in you may remember just how important that other bathroom was. That’s why it’s important to take a close look at your ‘dream house’ without the sparkle in your eye.

It may be too good to be true

Even after a buyer has settled on a home, it can be a while before the home actually becomes theirs with all the processing involved with transferring ownership. There is a lot that can happen between realizing you’re in love with a home and being able to officially call it your own. First of all, the seller could not accept your offer, or you may have to deal with competing offers. Or, you could hit a snag after the inspection reveals an issue. There could also be legal reasons tying up the sale. This is why, after you fall in love with a home, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a done deal to avoid heartbreak.

It may not be practical

When you’re deciding on your home features, it can be tempting to prioritize the things you want rather than the things you need. For example, your fantasy home may include a swimming pool with a waterslide and an outdoor kitchen. Before you even find this dream Baker real estate house, you should consider whether this is really going to be the right home for you.

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Location, location, location—odds are, you’ve heard this old real estate saying before. It is almost as if only half of buying and selling a home has to do with the actual house itself, while the other half has to do with the homes location, including its neighborhood or subdivision. As you are buying or selling a home, you should keep these important neighborhood features in mind:

It is well manicured

This is perhaps the most common neighborhood or subdivision feature that home buyers will look at. They know that they will be driving past this space every day, making it just as important as the condition of their actual home—except you will not have as much control over its condition. Having an attractively maintained neighborhood, with landscaping and proper trimming, can add a lot to home value and satisfaction. So, if you are buying a home, inquire as to how consistent upkeep is around the neighborhood.

Nice streets

Aside from nicely manicured streets and common areas, you should also look at the condition of the street, driveway, and individual parking space. You should consider these questions regarding the state of a neighborhood’s streets:
Are there a lot of potholes or other concerns for safety or damage to your vehicle?
Will you be happy driving down a bumpy road every day?
Is my own driveway in good condition?
What parking options do I have, especially when my neighbors or I have company?

Good schools

Whether you have children or not, you should consider the quality of your neighborhood’s schools, as this can have a great effect on home value. If you are in a school district notorious for poor education, then you may have trouble selling the home to families with children in the future, and you should be concerned if you do have kids for obvious reasons. Living in an area with notoriously great schools, however, could mean that a family with kids could want to pay more for a home in this district.

Homes with appropriate spacing

As you look at the neighborhood, you should check out how close the properties and homes are to each other. When homes on neighboring properties are spaced further apart, this adds to the value, as this makes where a home sits feel more comfortable and improves privacy. The value of your community’s homes not only effects the value of your own home, but if your neighbors are specifically close to your home, this could be a concern after move-in when looking at Berkeley real estate.

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You hear a lot about first time home buyers, but what about first time sellers? Selling your first home can be just as tiring and confusing as buying it. If you are putting a piece of property up for sale for the first time, take a look at these helpful tips:

You can’t predict when the sale will happen

Even if your agent has tried to predict a window of when your home might sell, don’t get set on this number. While it’s possible to know current trends, it’s impossible to predict what exactly the market and buyers will do. You could get an offer right after putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign, or you could find yourself still trying to sell a year after. A home that doesn’t sell quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that anything’s wrong—in fact, some homeowners that are doing everything right just may take a long time to find the right buyer. So, if you find yourself in your home long after you thought it would have sold, don’t necessarily blame your agent or your home condition. As long as your agent is consistently marketing and scheduling showings, you’re working towards a sale.

Don’t take showing comments personally

A new trend with home showings is to allow the prospective buyers to leave commentary, whether on notecards before they leave or on the listing’s website application. Keep in mind that these comments are supposed to be helpful for your next showing, or to make the first move as far as expressing interest. If the prospective buyers weren’t interested but left a critique, don’t take this personally. People will disagree as far as personal style and preferences go, and perhaps give you some perspective regarding a weak area that stands out to them.

Try and find somewhere to be during showings

First time home sellers will hear the typical showing advice—make sure everything is tidy and clean, leave the lights one, etc. But while some agents would prefer that the sellers aren’t home while the showings occur, they may feel tentative about asking you to leave your own home. Buyers won’t necessarily feel put off if you are home during showings, but it is really best if you take the opportunity to go to the grocery store or take your family out for ice cream. Showings don’t take a long time, and the buyer will probably feel more comfortable if they can take a close look at your home and voice their opinions without having the buyer looking over their shoulder while looking for Berkeley real estate.

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Forget what you know about Denver—this vibrant city is not just for skiiers and other lovers of the outdoors. Denver is a big city with something to offer anyone, even those looking for a small-town feel. Some prospective residents may not realize that living in Denver is much more than what meets the eye. Whether you’re buying or selling in Denver, there are a few unexpected reasons for why Denver real estate is so competitive:

The oil industry is increasing Denver’s real estate competition

That’s right—like Houston and Dallas, Denver’s real estate market competition is increasing thanks to the oil industry. It is believed that millions of energy jobs will be created by 2035 in the energy arena, and Denver will benefit up to 75% from this job creation. With more competition for space, this means a major increase in the real estate market as well. Not only will those who fill these positions need homes, but more commercial real estate for office space and other needs will be in demand, making prices go up. For renters, statistics say that energy leasers in central Denver are paying 9.7% more than the landlord’s asking price.

You will find some of the best weather in Denver, snow and all

Snowy weather is not just for San Diego and Miami. In fact, Denver has sunny weather more often every year than both of these cities, getting more than 300 sunny days annually. This means that you can enjoy both sunny weather and the snow. Part of the reason why some may think about living in Denver is thinking that an area that sees snow will only have one type of “wintery” house. If you’re not the log cabin type, no worries—you’ll be able to find a variety of different homes in Denver, whether you want something traditional or more eclectic. Denver has modern condos, large Victorians, charming bungalows, gorgeous Tudors, and much more. You’ll be able to find the perfect home style for you, and it comes with great weather to help you enjoy it.

Denver’s not just for the outdoorsy types

Don’t forget that along with having access to 35 ski areas and 15 million acres of national park land, Denver is also a lively and vibrant urban area. While it’s easy to find close-knit neighborhoods that feel like a small town, such as Baker or Berkeley real estate, this metropolitan has the excitement of a big city as well. Denver’s median age is younger than the national average, giving Denver an energetic vibe at the many restaurants and other entertainment venues in the city. Denver residents also have plenty of activities like museums and professional sports games to choose from.

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We’ve been looking at unique ways to buy and sell a home. Sometimes, a home sale requires more than the standard techniques. This may be through strategies such buyers bidding with cash offers or promotions and incentives. Take a look at these unconventional home selling techniques to help get your home moving:

Hosting events

Many strategies revolve around getting people in the door, such as open houses. But one creative way doing this that is increasing in popularity is event hosting. You’d be surprised how much interest can be created when your visitors are not even there to look at real estate. Consider renting out your home for an event, such as a charity auction or party reception—something that will get many people in the door at once, keeping your demographic in mind. This doesn’t have to be a new business, just a temporary practice to show off your home to prospective buyers. With events like these, odds are, some of the visitors that came for the event are also looking for a house. If your house fits their specifications and there’s indication that the house is for sale, it’s unlikely that they won’t notice.

Make sure to think about what type of person would be interested in your home. If it’s a larger luxury home, perhaps host a fashion design showcase or art show, especially if your home is empty or minimally furnished. If you have a home designed for the family, organize an Easter egg hunt or host a birthday party. These don’t all have to be official venue renting cases—consider offering up your home to a friend who wants to host an event in exchange for promotion of your home.

Rent to own

Just as you can rent to own furniture or appliances, many home buyers and sellers have opted for the rent to buy option. If a home seller has already moved out of their home, this can be a great way to make money that may lead to a home sale. Rent to own agreements differ from case to case, as both parties typically work this out in a contract under legal counsel. But an example situation could be that the potential buyers rent the home for a trial period. After this period, if they want the home, the rent may transfer to the down payment. If not, they haven’t made any commitments probably would have been renting a place anyway.

One of the best strategies a home buyer or seller can use is a real estate agent, who can offer expert advice for buying your dream home or getting your dream offer. If you are buying or selling Berkeley real estate or other areas of Denver, take a look at your plan and consider help from an experienced professional.

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Lately, we’ve been talking about the recovering state of the real estate market. With this recovery comes increased activity in the game of buying and selling. A different market environment means that buyers may have to go a different way about purchasing their new home. Don’t be surprised if you see the following trends:

Bidding wars

There was a time not long ago when sellers were thankful for an offer below their asking price after long periods of no action. Now, in a recovering market, there are more buyers out there, many of which may be interested in the same type of house in the same area. Homebuyers shouldn’t be surprised by multiple offers on a house and resulting bidding wars. This also means that sellers can look forward to the possibility of being able to afford waiting out the lower offers without thinking they missed out on their chance. Not every home for sale will be sold after some bidding, but there are more and more sellers out there who can be more selective in which offers they accept.

Motivated buyers

We’ve been hearing a lot in the past few years about how it’s a buyers’ market. While this is not necessarily untrue now, recent statistics suggest that there are current advantages on both sides of the home sale. For sellers, home prices have been increasing steadily for some time now. In Colorado, median home prices have raised by around 15% since last year. Across the nation, the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price index has reported that prices have been increasing steadily for fourteen months. And, more homes are selling, meaning that there will be fewer homes to choose from than in years past—Colorado’s first quarter home sales have gone up by 16% more than last year. Homes are also on the market for a shorter amount of time, as the average Colorado home is staying on the market around 90 days, cutting down last year’s number by about a week.

List-price offers

While we’ve talked about how this recovering market will see more bidding wars, it will also be seeing more offers matching the homeowner’s list price. With cheap mortgage rates and increased competition, if a prospective buyer falls in love with a home, they know they don’t have as much time before another prospective buyer may come along and put in a competing offer, which could result in paying more than the list price.

Real estate ‘stalking’

With this increased competition comes more dedicated methods. Those looking for a home in this market are often on high alert for home buying possibilities. Some may pursue a home that hasn’t even been put on the market yet after hearing that the owners were thinking about selling through word of mouth. Some may even approach owners of homes they like and ask if they would ever have an interest in selling.

To keep up with what it takes to compete in the Baker real estate market or other areas of Denver or Aurora, having a real estate agent on your side can make the difference between owning your dream home and putting in an offer too late.

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