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Once you’ve found your dream house, the real estate quest does not end there. You’ve still got to figure out if you can finance the purchase, and exactly how much this purchase will be. And even then, the buyer may not accept your bid. Losing a bid on a house can be heartbreaking for a prospective buyer that has put a lot of heart and effort into looking for the perfect home. There are some strategies that you can use to help the buyer decide to accept your bid.

Make a good impression

Some homeowners will feel very attached to their house and all the precious memories it holds. Consider this whenever you meet the buyers. Think of it as a job application. When the owner looks for an ideal buyer, it may be important to them that it is taken over by someone they like. If they don’t personally like you, and can afford to wait longer to sell the house, then they may reject even a fair bid.

Communicate effectively

Negotiating the terms of selling a house can take so much back and forth that having effective communication is essential. Not only can your buyers grow frustrating with trying to communicate with you, but this can drag out a potential home sale, and another buyer could swoop in before you can get your messages across.

One way to ensure you’re communicating properly is to have Denver real estate agents at your disposal. An agent will know all the right steps in the bidding process and can even help with the aftermath of financing and contingencies.

Make a fair bid

One of the simplest ways to get your bid accepted is to offer up a fair one. With competition between buyers heating up, if you offer a price that is well below the listing price, the buyer may be right in thinking that they wouldn’t have to wait too long for a better offer. Also, bidding a price that is unreasonably low could offend them or make them think you’re wasting your time, causing them to refuse to entertain any other offers from you. If you think their asking price is unreasonably high or you could afford the house if it were a bit less, then you are probably right to offer a bid lower than the asking price. One way to figure out a fair bid is to look at comparable homes in the area and what prices they sold for. Keep in mind individual cases may have had special circumstances, like upgrades or other issues, but it’s a good general reference point.

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Home showings are like first dates. It’s important to make a good impression and communicate what you have to offer. Afterward you may be nervously dialing a number or answering your phone. Just like there are first date faux pas, there is certain etiquette when it comes to showing your home. Don’t be guilty of these common showing ‘don’ts.’

Don’t buzz around the showing

Although the rule is not set in stone, it is generally thought that the owners shouldn’t be around while a showing is taking place. Even if the seller is not being intrusive, the prospective seller may not be able to totally focus on imagining themselves living in the house, ask questions, or voice opinions to their agent or buying partners. It is usually distracting to have the current home owner there, and the prospective buyer may feel pressure to express positive thoughts to the current owner.

So, if you are present while your home is showing, it is important to give the prospective buyer some space. You can be polite and introduce yourself, but don’t buzz around them as they are taking a look at things. That way, they feel more comfortable with taking a close, scrutinizing look at your home that they will need in order to advance further in the process. You should also make sure that any pets or other members of the household are absent as well. Try to be able to schedule showings whenever the buyer can come, but be sure your Denver real estate agents know what times you absolutely cannot be showing your home.

Don’t press the prospective buyer afterwards

It’s not the status quo to communicate with the buyers afterward unless they want to pursue the home further, but the modern showing process often offers more opportunity for feedback. Many online listing have an application where prospective buyers can leave comments for the seller after the showing. But with this new process comes new etiquette. Don’t pester the prospective buyers for a response, and be sure to accept constructive criticism gently—don’t argue with the buyer over their opinions or take them personally. The buyer may have given negative feedback despite being interested, so you don’t want to scare away the potential sale.

Don’t leave valuables sitting around

As much as you would like to trust people you are showing your home to, since you will not be around for every showing, make sure your valuables or other personal items are put away. This way, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of questioning showing attendees over lost items.

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If you are looking to sell your home but nervous about interacting with prospective buyers—don’t worry, buyers are just people. Many buyers will be easy to work with, and your interactions will be different depending on the type of buyer they are. Not all buyers are the same, but you often spot a trend when it comes to decision making and personalities of the buyer. But there’s no need to crack open the psychology textbook: like any other interaction, just try to read their personality—if they’re a minimalist, then their buying process will probably reflect this. Your Denver real estate agents will likely be the go-between , but if you get a chance to chat, take a look at some common trends when it comes to certain types of buyers:

The first time buyers

About the buyer: First time buyers will be more tentative when it comes to selecting their home. They may make most communication through the agent. They also may ask a lot of questions. Most buyers are cautious, but usually for a different reason. When it comes to first time buyers, they might be nervous concerning their new life stage and intimidated by what a big decision their first home will be.

What to do: The most important thing with first time buyers is to be patient. If an interested buyer has never bought a house before, pressuring them can scare them away from the sale. Make sure you keep interactions relaxed and casual.
The thorough lookers

About the buyer: Some buyers will be very thorough with their decision making process. This does not necessarily mean that they will take a long time, but rather that they may inspect every aspect of your home closely and want to know very specific details about everything. Some people just enjoy shopping and like to know everything about what could potentially be theirs.

What to do: You could consider indulging this aspect of this type of buyer, letting them know all the little tidbits about the home. Letting them enjoy the process can increase their intrigue concerning the house. Also, it is a very good idea to clean just as thoroughly as they will inspect. You can expect this thoroughness when it comes to every aspect of the buying process, from showings to signing on the correct dotted line.

The careful decision makers

About the buyer: This is not to say that it is bad to be careful or that those who decide on a home quickly are not careful, but some buyers may like to take a bit longer with these decisions. Unless there is competition, such as other bids for your home, they may not seem very motivated to buy your home.

What to do: Don’t assume that just because a potential buyer doesn’t seem interested that they are not thinking about your home. They may just be cautious about making decisions. If you aren’t getting bites otherwise, it is important to be patient with these buyers as well.

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Sometimes during the home selling process, you may need to think about switching to a different real estate agent. The first reason that comes to mind is that your house isn’t selling or seeing any action. While this very well may be true, you should think about other reasons there’s no activity—it could be a particularly slow season, your home is unique and thus needs a unique buyer, construction next door is scaring off buyers, along with many other factors that aren’t your agent’s fault. But inactivity isn’t the only reason you should consider a personnel change. Take a look at these other signs:

1. They constantly advise price changes

While some price changes can be expected, constant price changes may be a red flag. You may see this happening right from the beginning. To get hired, an agent may say that they can sell your home at a certain price in the hopes that the seller will be so excited over this number that the agent will get the job. After the hire, when it comes to listing a price, the agent may actually advise a lower price—the realistic price. While some may think that an agent would want to suggest high prices in order to get a higher commission, often the realtor will see their commission in terms of time: a few thousand dollars more may not be worth the months of work that they feel it would take them to sell the home.

Furthermore, if your agent is constantly advising of a price reduction, they may be trying to get a quick sale for this very reason. But, this difference in commission is a lot less than the homeowner loses with price reductions, which could even be in the hundreds of thousands. As stated earlier, price reductions happen—but you want an agent that is confident that they will be able to sell the house for a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time. A good agent knows that a job well done means looking after the client’s interests as well as their own.

2. They don’t communicate often

If your agent isn’t communicating with you often, then your agent is probably not working on selling your house often. While the agent could be busy with other aspects of selling your home, they should still be able to at least check in. If there’s no action on the house, your agent should be communicating about how they are working on getting things going. If you don’t hear from your agent enough, maybe you should be looking at other Denver real estate agents.

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When looking for a home, potential home buyers always have a list of what they want in mind, such as how many bedrooms, stories, bathrooms, or if they want a pool. But there are other things buyers should be looking out for that could be a sign that buying a certain home would require more fixing up than expected. While these red flags do not necessarily mean that you have to pass on a home, these issues should be thoroughly evaluated:

An old electrical system

Make sure that the home is thoroughly evaluated for electrical work that is either faulty or out of date. There are many concerns with this type of electrical system. For an outdated system, updating it may require a very expensive overhaul. If you want to keep the electrical system as is, older homes are often given installments of electrical work over the years that the home just may not be designed to work with. If you are deciding between a home with a new electrical system and one with an older system, you may be saving yourself a major headache by going with the more updated one.

A musty smelling basement

If the home has a basement, be weary of funky smells. A musty smelling basement is a sign that there not only may have been flooding but that there could be mold damage as well. Speaking of mold, if you spot mold on the walk through or the inspection turns up mold damage, make sure you know exactly what you’re in for. If you spot mold in a house that is in showing mode, this may be a sign that the home has such a problem that they could not get the mold in check while they are showing the house to sell. Evidence of mold may not be a huge issue, as there is such a thing as a minor mold problem that is easily fixable, but fixing mold can also be a huge project. It could also be a sign that the home is prone to flooding or leakage. If a home you’re looking at has a mold issue, have an expert tell you exactly what level of an issue it is and how much work it would be to fix it.

If you are listing or buying a home, using expert Denver real estate agents could help you spot and evaluate these red flags.

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Open houses seem pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many home sellers are guilty of open house faux pas. These types of events are an important part of a house’s marketing plan. In order to host a successful open house, make sure you steer clear of these common open house mistakes.

1. Leaving around mess and clutter

This is one of the most important tips for a successful open house. Although some visitors will be understanding of a little disarray here and there, messes can be distracting. It can be difficult to imagine yourself in a house with another family’s things everywhere. Not only should things be kept clean, but de-cluttered as well. If you have a lot of things, move some stuff to a storage area out of view. You will want a minimalist look in order for a minimum distraction—think about how much easier it would be to imagine owning a house when you can look at it as a clean slate. While you don’t have to make it look like a model home, keeping things simple will help a potential buyer to envision the house as their own.

2. Not freshening up the air

After living in a home for some time, you may have gotten used to certain smells around your house. However, a new visitor will surely be able to smell anything funky around. You should also consider using a scent over the house since most homes have a very distinct smell from their inhabitants, though it is often neither good nor bad but still identifiable. Eliminating this smell follows the same logic as the previous tip—with a more universal smell, your potential buyers will have an easier time seeing the house as their own. Smelling another family gives them the idea that the house belongs to another family, which, the buyer already knows. However, a less individual scent gives the house a more pleasant atmosphere.

Open houses can be much easier with Denver real estate agents. You should consider the help of a PorchLight real estate agent to get your home sale moving. Also, check back with our next post for more open house faux pas.

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Understanding the ins and outs of real estate takes a lot of time, and even then it’s difficult to know which advice to take. The world is swarmed with real estate advice, both from professionals and aficionados. It can be difficult to understand which advice is good or which advice is misinformed. Here are some more real estate myths to look out for:

For sale-by-owners don’t want to work with a buyer’s agent.

Some might tell you that those selling their house without the help of an agent don’t want to sell their house to someone who uses an agent. This is because both sides will likely save money. But, the truth is, many by-owners may feel intimidated by a buyer with an agent, as their experience may give them a leg up in the negotiation phase. However, many by-owners will understand that agents help the entire process run more smoothly and that the knowledge and experience of an agent is quite the advantage. Some sellers see buyers with an agent as more experienced or trustworthy

Agents will only show you properties that they or a colleague have listed.

The logic here is that agents want a home’s commission to go in their own pocket or in those of their own real estate group. While some real estate agents may do this, most experienced real estate agents know that it is in their advantage to show a variety of homes within a client’s specifications and homes that are truly right for them, regardless of which group represents the home. This is partly because this means a job well done and partly because their job depends on their networking contacts—if you’re happy with your home buying experience, you’re more likely to refer the agent to someone you know when they want to list their house or to use that agent again when you decide to sell or buy a new house. Referrals constantly bring agents new business, which they depend on. Good agents know that in order to bring in new business, they need to do the best job possible with the clients they have.

If you’re looking for Aurora real estate or homes in the Denver area, consider working with a PorchLight real estate agent to avoid these common mistakes. These experienced real estate agents will be able to offer you sound advice and ensure the best real estate experience. m

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Some individuals choose to list their home without the help of a sellers list. Although many of them do this successfully, the process is not without its headaches. Listing a home on your own is a lot of work, and many for-sale-buy-owners ending up going to a listing agent anyway. The advantages of a listing agent include:

An existing buyer network. When you hire a listing agent, you’re also getting their expansive real estate network that they’ve spent years building up. They will likely come with some potential buyers in mind just from being in the business. Listing agents are in constant communication with their fellow agents, many of which are buyers’ agents looking to connect with sellers. Not only do these potentials come included, but your listing agent will look to expand this list will prospects for you in mind. Having a real estate agent on your side means you have someone constantly scouring the market to expand their network of potential buyers and bringing interest to your home. An accomplished agent will use a variety of marketing aspects to expand this network—websites, flyers, brochures, and other forms of advertising.

Education. When you have someone who has sold many houses before on your side, this experience will help the home lister find the perfect buyer. If you had a problem getting sellers into your home before hiring an agent, they’ll likely know why. Even those who have sold many homes without an agent before will run into bumps in the road that can be smoothed over with the help of a listing agent, especially considering the lister may not have sold a house in that specific location before. A Denver real estate agent knows the Denver market, along with the communities and subdivisions within Denver. They’ll know what prices are fair and what buyers are trustworthy.

Technicalities. Selling a home requires a lot of paperwork and knowledge about the technical aspects of selling a home. There are many legal aspects as well. Unless you’re well versed with all the elements of contracts, inspections, closing, and other issues, expect to be doing a lot of research on your own if you plan on going through it all without an agent. Agents help buyers prevent mistakes that may result in fees or other penalties, potentially saving the seller money.

A go-between. Without agents, home listers must spend a lot of time talking to potential buyers and their agents. Not many people realize the communication skills and personable traits that this role demands. Agents are good at talking to people, especially other real estate agents. When listing homes for sale, using Denver real estate agents means that you’ll be able to spend more time living your life and less time talking real estate with people you’ve never met.

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Buying real estate is complicated—even more so when the buyer has never bought a home before. There are certain things every new home buyer should keep in mind to avoid common rookie mistakes:

Shop around, even if you’ve fallen in love. First-time home buyers sometimes fall in love with the idea of buying a house. With all the excitement of this new life stage, new home buyers might feel they’ve found the right home for them the first time they find a house within their budget that they could see themselves in. Sure, if you’ve found the house of your dreams at a price you can afford, you should consider this seriously, but even if this is the case, you will want to do your homework on area homes first. Know what a good price is for similar homes nearby so you know that the price is fair, which can sometimes be difficult to keep in perspective when you’re in a new market. Make sure you know what school district the house is located in and other facts about the area. Shopping around can prevent surprises later on once you’ve oriented yourself.

Another common issue for new home buyers is that they lose sight of their lifestyle. Sometimes, if there’s a particular feature a home buyer wants, such as certain architecture or a spa, they forget about other aspects of their lifestyle. Finding that perfectly charming Victorian can sometimes make a home buyer forget that they wanted to be able to walk to a grocery store or live near a recreation area. What’s around the house is often just as important as what is in it—even if they’ve found the perfect home, being far away from the gym or your favorite running trails is going to be an issue for as long as they live there. Or, perhaps they’ve been looking for a brick fireplace so long, they overlook the importance of the three bathrooms they wanted once finding it. Keep a checklist of everything you wanted fresh in your mind and consider carefully what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood. With all the emphasis on location, some new home buyers forget the importance of location down to neighborhood. Even the safest areas can have weak or vulnerable spots. Don’t just be satisfied with any house within a general area that you like—look at the subdivision and the street in terms of your expectations with the rest of the area. If you’ve found what you think is a bargain in an upscale area, make sure it’s not because the house’s neighborhood has a lower property value than its surroundings. You can prevent this problem when looking for Denver real estate for sale by researching the best neighborhoods beforehand or just ask your Realtor you’ll find out that the right community can make all the difference with charming and diverse neighborhoods like Baker, Cherry Creek, or Berkeley.

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Choosing to list your home requires a lot of work—advertising, networking, home preparation, and more. Using a real estate agent to list your home relieves the homeowner of most of the work and will help sell their home faster. This is why it is beneficial to not only use an agent but to use a good agent. There are certain issues homeowners should discuss with potential agents so that they know the whole team is on the same page.

What strategies will be used to sell my home?

This may seem like a question with an easy answer, but often what separates dedicated agents from others is the extra effort put in outside of the standard. In addition to the typical strategies of listing your home online, setting out flyers, organizing showings and open houses, there is a whole world of possibilities available to market a home. You want an agent that will take advantage of a variety of marketing strategies in order to reach a wide group of people. These strategies may include connecting the client to a professional designer and photographer in order to best showcase your home to buyers. They will put effort into customized and attractive listings rather than a plain, generic listing description that won’t catch anyone’s eye. Agents can extend beyond flyers and create professional brochures to advertise your home. They will also advertise beyond the typical real estate websites, utilizing sites such as Google and Craigslist.

When will you schedule showings?

Showings require a coordinated effort between the agent, homeowner, and potential buyer. Although you want to have showings in order to generate interest, you will still want these showings to coordinate with your schedule for minimal disruption as you sell your house—homeowners maintain their schedule as they go through the selling process, with activities revolving around their social lives, family, work, and recreation. A good agent will be considerate of this schedule, showing the house at times that are convenient to the homeowner, like when they are at work or routinely go to out to the gym or other activities. This is not just for the benefit of convenience—if a homeowner is caught with a showing at an inconvenient time, they could be pressed for time and can’t clean up messes before the showing, or perhaps the homeowner may be caught off guard in another way. Scheduling showings during convenient times results in a house looking its best while the homeowner is off living their life with little disruption.

If you are looking at Denver real estate agents, PorchLight Real Estate can help. PorchLight’s listing agents can answer these questions and more in order to help you find the best strategy to sell your home.

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