Even if you aren’t knew to the real estate game, understanding real estate lingo can be confusing. You may find yourself constantly researching the words you’re looking at. And if you don’t have a real estate agent to help you sort things out with homes for sale in Denver CO, you should look forward to study sessions to get a handle on the process. To help you out, we’ve listed some common real estate lingo with some helpful definitions:

Closing costs—the price of the home in question is not the only expense that buyers and sellers have to deal with. The total costs associated with closing on a home are called closing costs. These may include fees or costs dealing with mortgage, escrow, attorneys, brokerage commission, taxes, transfers, insurance, and anything else that is paid for when buying the home.

Fixture—this term deals with the difference between real property and personal property. In the legal sense, real estate is termed “real property” while anything movable that the previous owners will be taking with them is personal property. Fixtures are a part of real property and are often put in writing so it’s clear who will be getting what, because it can be tricky with items like blinds that could be seen as either and that the previous home owner may have become attached to.

Contingency—a contingency is an agreement that includes an if. This means that the terms of the agreement are not officially legally binding until a certain thing happens. For example, a home buyer and seller could have an agreement that states that the buyer must have an appraisal that matches the asking price of the home before legally purchasing it. Even if they agreed to sell, a seller here could back out if this condition isn’t met because of a contingency provision.

Disclosure—this is anything that the seller must inform the buyer of before they take over ownership. These are things that will have an effect on future value or use of a property. This could be a leaky roof, a property that is prone to flooding, or anything else that the new buyer may need to know.

CMA—a comparative market analysis or competitive market analysis. This report will analyze the market for similar homes in the area that were sold, and what price they were sold for. These reports also often show details for homes currently on the market.

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