When you’re getting ready to put your home up for sale, one of the first things you must consider is to update your home. Not every area may need an update, but there are likely some problem areas and eyesores that you should try and improve. This could be anything from fast updates to complex renovations, and it could be key to selling your home to the right buyers. Consider these common outdated home weak spots that could probably use a tune up:

The Kitchen

An outdated kitchen is one of the most common turnoffs to prospective buyers. Even if the buyers don’t cook much, a kitchen is a common source of pride when it comes to home owning. An outdated kitchen not only looks very unattractive, but can make even the most simple kitchen tasks a pain. At the very least, you should give your kitchen a thorough cleaning and make some simple updates, like replacing broken cabinet knobs or fixing that leaky sink. But if your kitchen is so outdated that you would need to renovate, make sure you don’t underestimate how much this can boost your asking price. You can very easily look at a kitchen update as an investment that you’ll see pay off with your increased home value.

The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, home owners like their kitchen to be sleek and shiny. Make sure you thoroughly clean all the tiles, the toilet, the sink, and any other common bathroom problem areas. It can be very easy to overlook sore spots like a run-down floor if you’ve been looking at it all these years. Don’t leave any dirt or grime behind, and like your kitchen, you may want to consider some more major updates like re-tiling or renovating your shower.

The Landscaping

If you’ve been laid back about your landscaping these last couple of years and haven’t kept things as trimmed as they should be, then you should look at updating this. A great looking outside can make quite the impression on prospective buyers, so perhaps hire a new landscaper or trim everything up to get it back to your last landscaping plan. If you do minimal work outdoors but maintain it well, consider augmenting what you have landscaped to make an even bigger impression.

The Exterior

Exteriors can get dull and have dirty buildup over the years. If you are selling Berkeley real estate, this can be fixed with a power wash and a repainting, which can make a big different.

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