A common question from those selling their home is: “Why can’t I get showings anymore?” Many sellers may host many showings at first but then see them slowly taper off the longer your home is on the market. There are many reasons for this, and many ways you can stimulate interest:

The initial rush is over

Before you put your house on the market, you should understand that there is already a market of buyers that have been looking around for their dream home for a while, hovering over the listing database for any new listing to look into. Many of these buyers have already seen everything that’s already out there, and so they will be sure to look into any new listings right away. They already know what they want and they already know what their market has to offer, meaning if they have any interest on the home, they will want to jump on the opportunity right away in order to avoid competition from other similar prospective buyers.

This is why you will typically see a rush of interest after first putting your house of for sale. Along with the above types of buyers, you could also see some that are just curious about the new listing and aren’t serious about buying anything anytime soon. If this rush of interest does not result in any offers, don’t worry—it is common for this initial interest to not result in anything serious, as many prospective buyers are so thorough that they will check out a new home even if they have a hunch it isn’t for them. You may see a prospective buyer come back later after this rush after considering your home or other more serious interest after your home has been on the market for a few weeks. Some serious buyers also may not jump on the house right away, as they may be focusing on other houses first or want to reflect upon the listing before approaching the home itself.

Your marketing isn’t reaching anyone

This may be an issue with your agent or your marketing strategy if you are selling by-owner. The reason you’re not getting any showings may be because new prospective buyers may not be seeing your listing. If you initially marketing your home through several outlets and put out fliers, you may not be getting any new buyers because these strategies aren’t attracting any new people. Whether you are listing Cherry Creek homes for sale or other areas of Denver and Aurora, changing up your strategy and listing on different websites or other outlets to try and widen you marketing network.

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