Bad neighbors can be a huge frustration for home owners. Whether you are buying or selling, you should take into account how your neighbors will affect your real estate experience. If you are selling, bad neighbors could scare off that perfect match. If you are buying, you don’t want to buy a house next to residents that you don’t think would be pleasant. Whether you selling or buying Denver Colorado homes for sale, keep these qualities of a bad neighbor in mind:

Close proximity

This may not always be a bother, but even the best neighbors can be a pain if their property is too close to yours. You may have to deal with common issues of close neighbors—dogs getting into each other’s yards, tree branches growing over fences and dropping leaves into the other’s yard, or perhaps just being so close that you can hear even the lowest of conversations. This can be even more difficult to deal with if your neighbor is “bad” in the social sense, as in impolite, antagonistic, or any other quality you wouldn’t seek out in a companion.


This would be proximity in the social sense, or perhaps a lack of privacy. If you neighbor’s yard has a clear view of your yard, windows, or other elements, then you should hope that neighbor isn’t also nosy. Even if they are respectful of your privacy, it may be irritating relaxing in your yard knowing that you don’t have total privacy. If they aren’t respectful of your privacy, well, then you might consider getting some nice blinds.

The other type of intrusiveness may come from neighbors that may feel overly friendly. Some neighbors may not realize how often is appropriate to drop by for a chat or to wave down your car for a word as you pull in your driveway. Even if you like them personally, too much interaction can feel a bit smothering if you live next door to someone, and communicating this could cause future resentment. The major problem here is that if someone is intrusive, it’s impossible to avoid if that person lives right next door.


This is perhaps one of the major complaints of homeowners concerning their neighbors. Sure, you can call the authorities for when things get too loud, but this noisiness may not always be a clear cut house party. It could be a dog that barks intermittently or some occasional but very loud banging as they drag out their trash cans. If this type of noise is exorbitant, it can be hard to stop.


If your neighbors have an untidy lawn, this depreciates the look of your own property. You don’t want to take meticulous care of your perfectly manicured lawn only for the aesthetics to be ruined by that untidy neighbor.

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