Recently, we took a look at do’s and don’ts for home sellers when showing their home. Now we’ll be talking about the other side of things. When you are looking for homes for sale in Denver CO, it is important to follow certain etiquette when attending a home showing. If you’re going to take a look inside of a home, make sure to follow these important tips:

Don’t bring your kids or pets

This should be obvious, but you would be surprised how many showing attendees think of attending a home showing as a trip to a park. It is better to not bring your kids, but if they must come, make sure they are not running around and causing a ruckus in your host’s home. If your child makes a mess or breaks something, this can turn your dream home into an awkward situation that may not be worth pursuing for the resentful seller anymore. Generally you will not want to bring pets at all, as you cannot always control their behavior or the allergies and preferences of the home sellers.

Leave everything how you left it

If you are attending a home showing, it is important to remember to look, not touch. If you have to touch something, make sure everything is still in order when you leave it. This also means cleaning up after yourself if you use any of the facilities.

Try not to schedule for awkward times

When scheduling a showing, you will want to schedule a look at appropriate times. Many sellers know that they should try to accept any times that a buyer wants to look at a home, and also that they should try and be absent during showings. This is why you will not want to schedule showings too early or too late in the day. You don’t have to adhere to normal business hours, but you don’t want to schedule a time that the seller may not have left for work yet or when they are trying to go to sleep.


When you are looking at a home, try not to waste the time of the agents, sellers, and buying partners by focusing on the matters at hand. This does not necessarily mean non-home buying issues are off limits, but try not to be so social or otherwise distracted that you don’t get to the point of the visit. Be polite and conversational, but make sure that you take care of business at the same time.

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