Home showings are like first dates. It’s important to make a good impression and communicate what you have to offer. Afterward you may be nervously dialing a number or answering your phone. Just like there are first date faux pas, there is certain etiquette when it comes to showing your home. Don’t be guilty of these common showing ‘don’ts.’

Don’t buzz around the showing

Although the rule is not set in stone, it is generally thought that the owners shouldn’t be around while a showing is taking place. Even if the seller is not being intrusive, the prospective seller may not be able to totally focus on imagining themselves living in the house, ask questions, or voice opinions to their agent or buying partners. It is usually distracting to have the current home owner there, and the prospective buyer may feel pressure to express positive thoughts to the current owner.

So, if you are present while your home is showing, it is important to give the prospective buyer some space. You can be polite and introduce yourself, but don’t buzz around them as they are taking a look at things. That way, they feel more comfortable with taking a close, scrutinizing look at your home that they will need in order to advance further in the process. You should also make sure that any pets or other members of the household are absent as well. Try to be able to schedule showings whenever the buyer can come, but be sure your Denver real estate agents know what times you absolutely cannot be showing your home.

Don’t press the prospective buyer afterwards

It’s not the status quo to communicate with the buyers afterward unless they want to pursue the home further, but the modern showing process often offers more opportunity for feedback. Many online listing have an application where prospective buyers can leave comments for the seller after the showing. But with this new process comes new etiquette. Don’t pester the prospective buyers for a response, and be sure to accept constructive criticism gently—don’t argue with the buyer over their opinions or take them personally. The buyer may have given negative feedback despite being interested, so you don’t want to scare away the potential sale.

Don’t leave valuables sitting around

As much as you would like to trust people you are showing your home to, since you will not be around for every showing, make sure your valuables or other personal items are put away. This way, you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of questioning showing attendees over lost items.

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