If you are looking to sell your home but nervous about interacting with prospective buyers—don’t worry, buyers are just people. Many buyers will be easy to work with, and your interactions will be different depending on the type of buyer they are. Not all buyers are the same, but you often spot a trend when it comes to decision making and personalities of the buyer. But there’s no need to crack open the psychology textbook: like any other interaction, just try to read their personality—if they’re a minimalist, then their buying process will probably reflect this. Your Denver real estate agents will likely be the go-between , but if you get a chance to chat, take a look at some common trends when it comes to certain types of buyers:

The first time buyers

About the buyer: First time buyers will be more tentative when it comes to selecting their home. They may make most communication through the agent. They also may ask a lot of questions. Most buyers are cautious, but usually for a different reason. When it comes to first time buyers, they might be nervous concerning their new life stage and intimidated by what a big decision their first home will be.

What to do: The most important thing with first time buyers is to be patient. If an interested buyer has never bought a house before, pressuring them can scare them away from the sale. Make sure you keep interactions relaxed and casual.
The thorough lookers

About the buyer: Some buyers will be very thorough with their decision making process. This does not necessarily mean that they will take a long time, but rather that they may inspect every aspect of your home closely and want to know very specific details about everything. Some people just enjoy shopping and like to know everything about what could potentially be theirs.

What to do: You could consider indulging this aspect of this type of buyer, letting them know all the little tidbits about the home. Letting them enjoy the process can increase their intrigue concerning the house. Also, it is a very good idea to clean just as thoroughly as they will inspect. You can expect this thoroughness when it comes to every aspect of the buying process, from showings to signing on the correct dotted line.

The careful decision makers

About the buyer: This is not to say that it is bad to be careful or that those who decide on a home quickly are not careful, but some buyers may like to take a bit longer with these decisions. Unless there is competition, such as other bids for your home, they may not seem very motivated to buy your home.

What to do: Don’t assume that just because a potential buyer doesn’t seem interested that they are not thinking about your home. They may just be cautious about making decisions. If you aren’t getting bites otherwise, it is important to be patient with these buyers as well.

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