You hear a lot about first time home buyers, but what about first time sellers? Selling your first home can be just as tiring and confusing as buying it. If you are putting a piece of property up for sale for the first time, take a look at these helpful tips:

You can’t predict when the sale will happen

Even if your agent has tried to predict a window of when your home might sell, don’t get set on this number. While it’s possible to know current trends, it’s impossible to predict what exactly the market and buyers will do. You could get an offer right after putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign, or you could find yourself still trying to sell a year after. A home that doesn’t sell quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that anything’s wrong—in fact, some homeowners that are doing everything right just may take a long time to find the right buyer. So, if you find yourself in your home long after you thought it would have sold, don’t necessarily blame your agent or your home condition. As long as your agent is consistently marketing and scheduling showings, you’re working towards a sale.

Don’t take showing comments personally

A new trend with home showings is to allow the prospective buyers to leave commentary, whether on notecards before they leave or on the listing’s website application. Keep in mind that these comments are supposed to be helpful for your next showing, or to make the first move as far as expressing interest. If the prospective buyers weren’t interested but left a critique, don’t take this personally. People will disagree as far as personal style and preferences go, and perhaps give you some perspective regarding a weak area that stands out to them.

Try and find somewhere to be during showings

First time home sellers will hear the typical showing advice—make sure everything is tidy and clean, leave the lights one, etc. But while some agents would prefer that the sellers aren’t home while the showings occur, they may feel tentative about asking you to leave your own home. Buyers won’t necessarily feel put off if you are home during showings, but it is really best if you take the opportunity to go to the grocery store or take your family out for ice cream. Showings don’t take a long time, and the buyer will probably feel more comfortable if they can take a close look at your home and voice their opinions without having the buyer looking over their shoulder while looking for Berkeley real estate.

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