A current trend with home showings now is to allow the prospective buyer to leave comments after a showing. This helps the seller know how interested the buyer is, and if they’re not interested, how they can improve for the next showing. Sometimes it’s just not the kind of home that they’re looking for, but often the buyer had problems with elements that can be fixed for the next hopeful buyer.

Sellers shouldn’t take this personally, but instead accept the helpful criticism to help improve their showings. Even if it is something simple that the buyer could easily change after taking over, buyers will be attracted to a home that doesn’t need much work, and it helps them visualize themselves living in the new home. Here are some common comments that you should expect to here, and what to do with them:

“It just wasn’t my style.”

The problem: You are just not going to be able to make everyone happy when it comes to style. The style of a home’s architecture and decoration is just too dictated by personal preference. Extreme design elements can be distracting and make it difficult for a buyer to see their family living there.

The solution: Redecorate as neutral as possible. Odds are, you will not be able to avoid redecorating. Over the years, you’ve probably added personal touches that you loved, but are specific to your sort of style. This is why you should take any extreme elements, such as that lime green paint your daughter loves but buyers won’t, and neutralize them with white paint and other simple colors. Your home doesn’t have to be boring; it just needs to strive to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

“This house needs a fresh coat of paint.”

The problem: Even though these would be simple fixes for the prospective buyer, an outdated home can be a turn off. Unless they’re intentionally looking for a fixer upper, a buyer will see an outdated home as a lot of work.

The solution: Make simple updates before putting your home up for sale. Fix that leaky faucet, power wash the garage, replace that bathroom tile that doesn’t look so great, and whatever else you can do to make the home feel like less work. Kitchens are actually a huge weak spot when it comes to updating, as it is unlikely a buyer will be able to get over a kitchen that they feel is outdated unless they don’t think the kitchen is important. But when listing Denver real estate for sale, it can be an incredible boost to your home’s value by investing in a kitchen update, even if it’s a small one.

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