Comments from prospective buyers can be incredibly helpful, whether it’s to communicate their interest or how the home could show better in the future. There are certain types of comments that sellers should expect, and certain measures they can take to improve their home showing ability. Some comments that sellers can expect after showings, and what they can do about them:

“The neighbors are too close/loud/visible.”

The problem: After taking a close look at your property, your potential buyer may comment that the neighbors are an issue. The buyers may not like how close the neighbor’s home is to their property, how much they can see into the neighbor’s property or vice versa, or they may have gotten the impression that the neighbors were loud or otherwise rowdy. For many buyers, this would be difficult to deal with.

The solution: You know you can’t control the behavior of your neighbors, but if you’re getting too many comments from showings that the neighbors are an issue, you can take measures to prevent this feeling. Install a fence or hedges that give more privacy. If you are having problems with noise and similar behavior, however, this can get tricky. You can try to politely talk to the neighbors about problems with their dogs or noise levels, which is likely to go better with a plate of cookies or muffin basket. You shouldn’t say, “. . . because I’m trying to sell my home,” however, because you don’t want this to be a continued problem once the new owners move in. If this doesn’t work, and the neighbors pose a significant noise problem or similar issue that could be easily fixed, you could consider issuing a complaint to the homeowners association or local police if they have the authority to help.

“We don’t want a (main home feature)”

The problem: the issue here is that this comment may be confusing for hopeful sellers. Don’t be surprised if a buyer takes a look at your home, knowing the home’s features, and then says that they aren’t interested in a pool or two stories. The seller may wonder why this potential buyer wasted their time looking at a home with two bathrooms if they are looking for three.

The solution: Understand that just because a seller wants a certain feature, or lack of a feature, doesn’t mean that it is a deal breaker. The buyer may be curious whether the home has other redeeming qualities that are more important to them, or how easy it would be to remodel or otherwise fix things when buying Denver Colorado homes for sale.

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