We’ve been taking a look at community features that can add to home value. If you’re trying to buy or sell a home, the house and personal property itself is not the only thing you’ve got to think about. Community matters when it comes to home value. If your neighborhood has nice schools, well maintained landscaping and streets, and other features, then that makes your home more competitive in the market. Some other neighborhood or subdivision features that can supplement home value:
Proximity to amenities

Neighborhood factors in especially when you’re looking at how close it is in relation to all your favorite spots. This adds a personal type of value, but you should also consider proximity to urban areas, parks, shopping, nightlife, sporting centers, and other attractions. For many Denver neighborhoods, such as Berkeley real estate, Baker, Cherry Creek and nearby Aurora, outdoor recreational areas will be a huge draw when looking at where to live. The Cherry Creek reserve and other outdoor areas offer opportunities for hiking, camping, swimming, boating, cross-country skiing, and much more. If you are in close walking or driving distance to these areas, this adds to the value of your home. You can also look at the overall convenience of living in Denver—you’re a short car ride away from skiing in the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by plenty of different types of recreational areas and state parks.

Special events

Living in a community that is close to any special events can increase home value, even if these events aren’t happening every day. Even annual events bring attention to the area, which makes properties more desired overall—value tends to follow the action, as restaurants and other establishments that add value often sprout up around areas that hold special events.

Pet friendliness

There are two main concerns when it comes to pet friendliness. If you’re talking about buying and selling real estate, the home owner will be able to decide whether or not to get a pet—unless you live in a condominium or similar type of complex that has certain restrictions on dogs. The other issue is how nice the community is in terms of use for your pet—are there nice dog-walking paths nearby? This is where pet friendliness goes beyond whether they are allowed or not. A community that is good for pets can add serious value to a home, especially when you consider how important pet-specific amenities are in the life of a pet owner. If you are close to a dog park or another park that is pet friendly, then this could be a major selling point. And if you have a small backyard, a nice neighborhood for dog walking can be a good solution when looking to list Baker real estate.

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