Location, location, location—odds are, you’ve heard this old real estate saying before. It is almost as if only half of buying and selling a home has to do with the actual house itself, while the other half has to do with the homes location, including its neighborhood or subdivision. As you are buying or selling a home, you should keep these important neighborhood features in mind:

It is well manicured

This is perhaps the most common neighborhood or subdivision feature that home buyers will look at. They know that they will be driving past this space every day, making it just as important as the condition of their actual home—except you will not have as much control over its condition. Having an attractively maintained neighborhood, with landscaping and proper trimming, can add a lot to home value and satisfaction. So, if you are buying a home, inquire as to how consistent upkeep is around the neighborhood.

Nice streets

Aside from nicely manicured streets and common areas, you should also look at the condition of the street, driveway, and individual parking space. You should consider these questions regarding the state of a neighborhood’s streets:
Are there a lot of potholes or other concerns for safety or damage to your vehicle?
Will you be happy driving down a bumpy road every day?
Is my own driveway in good condition?
What parking options do I have, especially when my neighbors or I have company?

Good schools

Whether you have children or not, you should consider the quality of your neighborhood’s schools, as this can have a great effect on home value. If you are in a school district notorious for poor education, then you may have trouble selling the home to families with children in the future, and you should be concerned if you do have kids for obvious reasons. Living in an area with notoriously great schools, however, could mean that a family with kids could want to pay more for a home in this district.

Homes with appropriate spacing

As you look at the neighborhood, you should check out how close the properties and homes are to each other. When homes on neighboring properties are spaced further apart, this adds to the value, as this makes where a home sits feel more comfortable and improves privacy. The value of your community’s homes not only effects the value of your own home, but if your neighbors are specifically close to your home, this could be a concern after move-in when looking at Berkeley real estate.

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