If you’re looking into selling your home, you know about all the usual home features that affect value. This typically includes size, age, location, and other big picture features. However, you should consider some features that lower value that you may not expect:

Your neighbors

Even though you’re not looking to sell the property of your neighbors, the surrounding properties still affect your home value. If your neighbors’ homes or yards are in bad shape, this makes your home less attractive, as the new residents would still have to view or drive by surrounding properties. There are several other issues that could make neighbors a problem. They could have built structures close to the property line, or simply just be bad neighbors—perhaps they are chronically loud or don’t prevent their dogs from digging around in your yard. Whether buying or selling a home, keep in mind that the state of surrounding properties matter as well.

Your pool

While many think of a pool of a feature that will increase home value, many prospective buyers do not see it this way. Perhaps they don’t think they’ll use a pool, have young children that create a safety concern, or think that a pool will be too much work. But if they like your house enough, they may choose to either deal with it or fill the pool in. However, this may cause them to be less motivated to put in a high offer, thinking that the pool will only be worth it if the house is a steal. If your home is on the higher end of the price range, most buyers won’t be surprised by the presence of a pool. Buyers in lower price ranges, though, may not be attracted to homes with pools.

Small rooms

You may be surprised to learn just how much small rooms lower home values. Smaller rooms will make a house feel smaller than a house of the same size with larger rooms. Open air environments boost comfort levels, while smaller rooms may make prospective buyers feel claustrophobic.

Bad schools

This feature often takes hopeful home sellers off guard because they may not have had school aged children while living at the home, used private schools, or used the school when conditions were better. Or, they just may have not considered that a prospective buyer would take into account a school when looking at a home. But quality of schools can be a huge motivator for a prospective buyer to not want a home.

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