A big factor that can make or break a home sale is the real estate agent. The agent is who the buyer or seller looks to for advice and expertise to navigate the real estate market and having a good agent will make all the difference. Here are some qualities of a great real estate agent:

They have a vast network

There’s a reason real estate agents tend to be social creatures—having a large network to fall back on for business is a huge advantage for a real estate agent. Many clients that they end up selling houses to or for come from a network of previous clients and people that they already know.

They only do real estate

While a part-time real estate agent isn’t a deal breaker, you should make sure they are dedicated to the amount of work they promise. This means that “entrepreneur” type of part time real estate can be dangerous, as this type of real estate agent may just like to collect interests, having many other “jobs” along with selling real estate. You want an agent that has dedicated a career to knowing the ins and outs of real estate rather than just knowing the ins and outs of a lot of different topics. You should always ask whether your agent is full or part time and whether they have any careers other than selling real estate, and if they do, ask how serious they are about selling real estate.

They’re consistently on time

Being a little late every once in a while is only human, but an agent that is constantly late is a sign of inefficiency and that your agent is unprofessional. Booking and making appointments according to an irregular schedule is a huge aspect of a real estate agent’s job, and so an agent who fails to do this is probably not taking their job seriously, and signals that the agent does not respect your time. An agent that does not respect your time will probably not work very hard to sell their house when they are not standing right in front of you, and a lot of work necessary to sell a house happens behind the scenes. A professional will work as hard to sell your home from behind a desk as they do in person, and so look for an agent who understands the importance of respecting the time of others when buying or putting up homes for sale in Denver CO

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