Forget what you know about Denver—this vibrant city is not just for skiiers and other lovers of the outdoors. Denver is a big city with something to offer anyone, even those looking for a small-town feel. Some prospective residents may not realize that living in Denver is much more than what meets the eye. Whether you’re buying or selling in Denver, there are a few unexpected reasons for why Denver real estate is so competitive:

The oil industry is increasing Denver’s real estate competition

That’s right—like Houston and Dallas, Denver’s real estate market competition is increasing thanks to the oil industry. It is believed that millions of energy jobs will be created by 2035 in the energy arena, and Denver will benefit up to 75% from this job creation. With more competition for space, this means a major increase in the real estate market as well. Not only will those who fill these positions need homes, but more commercial real estate for office space and other needs will be in demand, making prices go up. For renters, statistics say that energy leasers in central Denver are paying 9.7% more than the landlord’s asking price.

You will find some of the best weather in Denver, snow and all

Snowy weather is not just for San Diego and Miami. In fact, Denver has sunny weather more often every year than both of these cities, getting more than 300 sunny days annually. This means that you can enjoy both sunny weather and the snow. Part of the reason why some may think about living in Denver is thinking that an area that sees snow will only have one type of “wintery” house. If you’re not the log cabin type, no worries—you’ll be able to find a variety of different homes in Denver, whether you want something traditional or more eclectic. Denver has modern condos, large Victorians, charming bungalows, gorgeous Tudors, and much more. You’ll be able to find the perfect home style for you, and it comes with great weather to help you enjoy it.

Denver’s not just for the outdoorsy types

Don’t forget that along with having access to 35 ski areas and 15 million acres of national park land, Denver is also a lively and vibrant urban area. While it’s easy to find close-knit neighborhoods that feel like a small town, such as Baker or Berkeley real estate, this metropolitan has the excitement of a big city as well. Denver’s median age is younger than the national average, giving Denver an energetic vibe at the many restaurants and other entertainment venues in the city. Denver residents also have plenty of activities like museums and professional sports games to choose from.

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