After deciding it’s time to sell their home, many homeowners consider putting it up for sale by-owner in order to save some money. Potential by-owners should understand just how difficult selling a home without an agent can be. Here are some more challenges for those that choose to sell by-owner:

The piles and piles of “homework”

What some hopeful by-owners who do not want to pay an agent commission don’t realize is how much work goes into earning that commission. Real estate agents have to hit the books to get to know the market and the technicalities of buying and selling homes before they even start selling homes, and then they have the real life experience to boot. Even agents must study up on some issues that could arise during a sale—imagine how difficult this would be without the core knowledge of a real estate agent. Even if you have sold a house before, it may not have been the same type of house or market. Some problems could end up costing more than the advice of an agent, and agents also help deal with things like lenders and inspections, having the experience to know whether certain situations are fair or not.

Entering the marketing network

There’s a reason why real estate agents tend to be social—they have to know a lot of people to help generate business. A lot of their business comes from friends, friends of friends, colleagues’ clients, old clients, and other people from their vast network. They already have a catalogue of potential buyers that they have a good relationship with, meaning they can take a look at your house and know who could be a good match.

Getting the right perspective

One problem of selling by-owner is that owners often need an unbiased perspective on their home. Living in one place for so long can make it difficult to spot the places that need improvement. Owners often don’t realize how cluttered or outdated their home looks on the first impression. Agents can give you advice on staging, decoration, photos, and all that is needed to attract buyers.

The wrong kind of buyers

An unfortunate truth of selling by-owner is that some prospective buyers may assume that the owner is inexperienced and try to get an advantageous deal, thinking they won’t know any better without the advice of an agent. Even if you’re not falling for it, these are not the type of buyers that you want to attract and waste your time. If you are selling Baker real estate or other areas of Denver and Aurora, perhaps consider a PorchLight agent to get you on your way.

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