We’ve been taking a look at red flags that your listing agent isn’t working out. You could be getting little interest or not attracting the right kind of interest in your home. Or, perhaps you’ve been making connections with prospective buyers that keep falling through. While it could be the market, the issue may be your agent. There are many signs that you should look into a real estate team changeup:

3. You don’t see any evidence of marketing

The way that houses get sold is through marketing, particularly on the internet. While you may get some interest from those that happen to pass by, odds are, your buyer will come from a connection they made through the internet. You’ll likely want to have the standard flyers or brochures available for this foot traffic, but most of your other marketing should be online. But, this doesn’t just mean one listing. If you ask your agent to see where your house is being marketed and all they have to show is an MLS online listing, you’re not getting enough online exposure. Buyers use many different types of websites to search for a home, so you’ll want to have a web presence with a far reach.

Also, the quality of the marketing matters as well. How much traffic do these websites get, and how much traffic for interest in your area? Your agent should be using the best websites available to them. Don’t overlook the content, either. If your photos are unappealing or fail to showcase the highlights of your home, this will not gather much interest. Or, you’re not attracting the right kind of buyers because the major buying points, such as a pool or large backyard, aren’t getting enough attention on these listings. Buyers that want the pool may not give the listing much attention and buyers that don’t want a pool may not realize their interest is a waste of time.

4. They’re always late

While you may not be your agent’s only client, you should still expect a standard of punctuality from your agent. Chronic lateness is not only an inconvenience to you but a sign that your agent lacks professionalism. If they don’t value your time when making appointments, how do they value the time they spend working on selling your home? Not to mention, real estate may be their job, but it’s probably not yours. You probably don’t have the time to sit around waiting for your agent to show up, which takes a toll on the effort to sell your home. If you are looking to sell Aurora real estate or a home in the Denver area, perhaps a PorchLight agent can help.

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