Sometimes during the home selling process, you may need to think about switching to a different real estate agent. The first reason that comes to mind is that your house isn’t selling or seeing any action. While this very well may be true, you should think about other reasons there’s no activity—it could be a particularly slow season, your home is unique and thus needs a unique buyer, construction next door is scaring off buyers, along with many other factors that aren’t your agent’s fault. But inactivity isn’t the only reason you should consider a personnel change. Take a look at these other signs:

1. They constantly advise price changes

While some price changes can be expected, constant price changes may be a red flag. You may see this happening right from the beginning. To get hired, an agent may say that they can sell your home at a certain price in the hopes that the seller will be so excited over this number that the agent will get the job. After the hire, when it comes to listing a price, the agent may actually advise a lower price—the realistic price. While some may think that an agent would want to suggest high prices in order to get a higher commission, often the realtor will see their commission in terms of time: a few thousand dollars more may not be worth the months of work that they feel it would take them to sell the home.

Furthermore, if your agent is constantly advising of a price reduction, they may be trying to get a quick sale for this very reason. But, this difference in commission is a lot less than the homeowner loses with price reductions, which could even be in the hundreds of thousands. As stated earlier, price reductions happen—but you want an agent that is confident that they will be able to sell the house for a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time. A good agent knows that a job well done means looking after the client’s interests as well as their own.

2. They don’t communicate often

If your agent isn’t communicating with you often, then your agent is probably not working on selling your house often. While the agent could be busy with other aspects of selling your home, they should still be able to at least check in. If there’s no action on the house, your agent should be communicating about how they are working on getting things going. If you don’t hear from your agent enough, maybe you should be looking at other Denver real estate agents.

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