Finding the right home can be impossible if everyone on your team is on a different page. Before setting off house hunting, make sure you’ve had a good talk with you agent and whoever you’re buying a house with over what exactly you’re looking for in a home. An agent won’t know what to show you unless you give them something to work with.

And while it’s good to be open minded, give your selection some type of scope—for example, if your spouse was hoping for a cozy bungalow while you’ve set your eyes on a sprawling Victorian, you’re unlikely to find a satisfying combination of both desires. Make a list of things like how many stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, acres, and other home features you want and another list of things you don’t want. Often times, prospective buyers found that they wanted or didn’t want a feature that they didn’t realize was an option. Your agent may arrange a showing only to see a pool or smaller kitchen that your partner was fine with but for you is an instant deal breaker, wasting the time of everyone involved.

Another issue is if you have a buying partner that is not actually going to be living in the house. For example, parents of adult children may wish to make an investment and help them purchase a home. This means that many names would be on the lease, but not all of them would be living there. Your investors may be looking for features that could help add resale value rather over thinking about what sort of home your family could be comfortable in. It’s not ungrateful to speak up about your priorities—it’s more important to be open about what your family needs than to let it cause resentment later on, and besides, there will be plenty of compromises to make. For example, if your investor wants a lot of acreage but you’re not up to the neighborhood’s demand for maintenance, perhaps your investor should take charge of this task until the home is sold.

You are allowed to be reasonably picky when it comes to picking out such a big investment, so make sure everyone on your team has the same vision for what you want in homes for sale in Denver CO. Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you like—even if your agent can’t find it specifically, real estate professionals have experience finding alternatives or the essence of what you want. And the more you suggest, the more your agent will understand your tastes.

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