In order to sell a house, there are the conventional methods sellers and agents use, such as flyers, open houses, showings, and online listings. However, the market’s environment these recent years has encouraged sellers and buyers to use unconventional methods for buying and selling real estate. Not every home is bought and sold in the same way, and those with unique needs and situations may consider one of these creative or unconventional methods in order to buy or sell a home.

Cash offers

There many advantages to buying a home in cash. It’s cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about struggling to make payments. Sellers prefer cash buyers, as it typically makes the whole process easier and faster, and you may even be able to pay less for the home if you can pay in cash—the sellers do not have to worry about the buyer getting denied by the lender during the process, which can happen even if the buyers are pre-approved or if the appraisal is less than the agreed upon price. The buyer gets to move in sooner, and closing costs are usually lower. Also, don’t forget about all that loan paperwork that cash buyers don’t have to fill out or bring around with them.

“Viral” promotions

While this is perhaps the rarest method, some sellers have started unique promotions to bring in business. The promotion could be as simple as a free dishwasher or dining set. Other types of incentives can include country club memberships and cars. But some sellers have escalated the freebies in order to bring attention to their homes with a viral effect. Take the San Diego development company that offered to give a $400,000 dollar home to those who bought one of their luxury homes.

While these types of promotions do often result in sales directly, one of the main benefits is that they create buzz. Word of mouth is still a very effective way to sell homes. These viral marketing promotions get people talking, and then they get interested. Odds are, many buyers brought in as a result of the promotion came into contact with a photo or detail about the home for sale through the marketing buzz and were simply informed that a house within their specifications was for sale. However, incentives definitely sweeten the deal.

If you are looking at selling or buying homes for sale in Denver CO , one of the best strategies you can use is the help of a real estate agent. An agent will be able to think of a marketing plan tailored to your home and market or find the right home for you.

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