We’ve been looking at unique ways to buy and sell a home. Sometimes, a home sale requires more than the standard techniques. This may be through strategies such buyers bidding with cash offers or promotions and incentives. Take a look at these unconventional home selling techniques to help get your home moving:

Hosting events

Many strategies revolve around getting people in the door, such as open houses. But one creative way doing this that is increasing in popularity is event hosting. You’d be surprised how much interest can be created when your visitors are not even there to look at real estate. Consider renting out your home for an event, such as a charity auction or party reception—something that will get many people in the door at once, keeping your demographic in mind. This doesn’t have to be a new business, just a temporary practice to show off your home to prospective buyers. With events like these, odds are, some of the visitors that came for the event are also looking for a house. If your house fits their specifications and there’s indication that the house is for sale, it’s unlikely that they won’t notice.

Make sure to think about what type of person would be interested in your home. If it’s a larger luxury home, perhaps host a fashion design showcase or art show, especially if your home is empty or minimally furnished. If you have a home designed for the family, organize an Easter egg hunt or host a birthday party. These don’t all have to be official venue renting cases—consider offering up your home to a friend who wants to host an event in exchange for promotion of your home.

Rent to own

Just as you can rent to own furniture or appliances, many home buyers and sellers have opted for the rent to buy option. If a home seller has already moved out of their home, this can be a great way to make money that may lead to a home sale. Rent to own agreements differ from case to case, as both parties typically work this out in a contract under legal counsel. But an example situation could be that the potential buyers rent the home for a trial period. After this period, if they want the home, the rent may transfer to the down payment. If not, they haven’t made any commitments probably would have been renting a place anyway.

One of the best strategies a home buyer or seller can use is a real estate agent, who can offer expert advice for buying your dream home or getting your dream offer. If you are buying or selling Berkeley real estate or other areas of Denver, take a look at your plan and consider help from an experienced professional.

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