Most home buyers have a standard list of ‘wants’ for their new home: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pool or no pool, an acreage range, patio, and other central home features. However, there are many other areas of the home that homeowners underestimate the importance of, not thinking of some ‘wants’ that should have been on the list until after they move in. Even if a feature is given little focus, it can still have a great impact on everyday life. Check out these frequently overlooked home features:

The driveway

Many home buyers get so distracted by a home’s exterior that they forget to take a close look at the driveway leading there. This feature demands little attention from observers but will be used every day by the new homeowners. They will need to think of how garage space, driveway size, number of cars owned, and surrounding streets will impact parking and garage storage. You do not want to wait until you move in to find out that a driver will have to park out on the street instead of locked in the garage or pulled into the driveway like you envisioned. If you entertain often, scarce parking can be quite the annoyance. And if you live in an area close to an attraction with little parking, you should consider whether other drivers will often be parking on your street and how much room that leaves you and your visitors. Driveways are a type of feature that you won’t pay much attention to unless you experience problems, so make sure to look at the driveways of potential homes closely.

The neighborhood

The kind of neighborhood they’ve moved into may come as a surprise to some new homeowners if they are unfamiliar with the area. Neighborhood ‘vibes’ can be difficult to pick up on if you spend little time there. You don’t necessarily need to camp out, but make sure to spend a little time trying to get to know the neighborhood and whether you would be happy being there every day. Make sure to get to know the neighborhood at different times of the day—what may seem like a low-traffic area in the early afternoon may actually be congested each morning by school traffic. Do you like being close to restaurants or parks? Is there a homeowners association? You should also take a look at how well the neighborhood is maintained and what landscaping standards you will be expected to keep up with.

There are many other aspects of home buying that buyers must consider. If you are looking for Cherry Creek homes for sale or other areas of Denver, the help of a PorchLight agent can help guide you through the home buying process.

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