While the home selling process may just take longer for some homeowners than others, many home sellers are actually making common mistakes that are delaying the sale of their home. If you aren’t getting any offers or even any showings, you may be asking yourself why. To help budge the sale of your home into activity, consider these common mistakes that keep homes on the market:

Your home is outdated

If your décor is dated and the house needs some fixing, there are a few reasons buyers could get turned off by this. First of all, it is difficult for many prospective buyers to get past gaudy or old decorations, even if they are figuring a redecoration into the package. Bold colors, patterns, and outdated patterns can distract a potential from imagining the home the way they would want it. For this reason, many homes require a redecoration with more neutral colors and current decoration.

The other issue is that appliances and areas of utility need some work. An outdated kitchen is a common turn off for many prospective buyers. Buyers will likely be more interested in a home that will be less work. If they see that your home needs more renovation or updating than other homes on their list, then it may get crossed off in favor of homes that are ready to go. Making these changes can not only drum up interest but add value to your home as well. If you haven’t put your home on the market yet, it is a good idea to get started on these updates as soon as possible

Your list price is too high

This is one of the most common home selling mistakes. The home seller may not be aware that their price is too high, or they are setting the bar high thinking that potential buyers will just make lower offers anyway. But if you have little interest in your home and there aren’t any other overwhelming issues, then you may want to consider reevaluating. Even if you would accept a lower offer, a potential buyer may pursue other homes in their price range and not even take a second look at your home. If you believe your price is fair, you will need the expert advice of a third party to consider whether your list price is too high or not.

As common as these mistakes are, many homebuyers do not realize why their home is taking so long to get moving. If you are selling Denver or Aurora real estate, you may want to enlist the help of an agent in order to increase interest in your home.

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