We’ve been looking at red flags that homeowners should look out for when buying a home. As they narrow down options in the buying process, potential buyers often start to notice things that may not have been a concern when looking at the home’s big picture. There are many problems that may seem minor but will actually be more work to fix than originally thought. When looking for your new home, look into these red flags in order to save yourself a major headache later on:

Ceiling stains

While some ceiling stains may be considered normal for a home that has been lived in, there may be a reason to look at stains more closely. Especially if the stain is below a bathroom or other plumbing sources, it could be the result of a leak. Repairing leaks can be expensive, and unrepaired leaks can lead to further damage and mold. You don’t necessarily need to veto a potential home just because of ceiling leaks, but make sure to do a thorough evaluation as to the causes of the leak and how much repairs would be. Speaking of stains, other wall or floor stains may be a concern for water damage as well, especially in the basement, where you would commonly see damage from flooding or leaks.

Strange odors

Strange odors may be just that—an unfamiliar smell that someone outside of the home just isn’t used to. However, a strange odor may also be a sign of a larger problem. Heavy damage from pets, smoking, or other activities may pose a larger problem than they seem, with the odor remaining long after the pets and previous occupants are gone. This may not be a quick fix. Strange odors may also be a sign of mold or water damage, which may also be a sign of a home prone to leaking or flooding. Evaluate any strange odors for sings of a larger problem. If the house smells of bleach and other cleaning materials or air fresheners, make sure that this is due to regular cleaning and freshening rather than an attempt to cover up a larger problem.

Missing pictures

Even before you go to look at a home, look at the online photos closely. If there are pictures of areas missing that seem like they should be included, such as the master bathroom or kitchen, then take a close look at these areas in person. While it is possible the buyer just did not include a picture of these areas, there could also be a reason why the seller did not want to showcase that particular space.

Spotting these red flags are often much easier with a buyer’s agent to help you. If you are looking for homes for sale in Denver CO, consider using the help of a PorchLight agent to help find the perfect home for you.

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