Resale value is a huge concern for home sellers or those who plan to sell their home soon. If you know you will be putting your home on the market in a few months or even years, there are certain things you can do to help amp up your home’s resale value. And, the earlier you start, the more value you’ll likely add.

Landscaping & exteriors

Many sellers may be surprised to find out that a great looking lawn can actually be a huge selling point. You’re landscaping is what gets the house noticed, something that both sparks interest in buyers and allows them to imagine the impression that visitors will get if the house was theirs. It’s true that some buyers fall in love at first sight, and a well groomed lawn and beautiful landscaping helps make this happen. And don’t forget the home’s outside walls—consider power washing or repainting your exteriors to give your home a clean and current look.

Get professional advice . . . and follow it

Although some sellers may be able to pull off selling their home without any outside help, this can be incredibly difficult. Not only can resale value benefit from the help of a real estate agent, even if your house isn’t on the market yet, but getting advice from a variety of experts can help add value to your home. Your agent may suggest a consultation with an interior designer to update your décor and think about things like bringing out great spaces and adding nice lighting. You also may want to get advice from experts like plumbers or electricians, or even enlist the help of a landscaper well in advance of beginning the sale process so that you can start developing long-term updates that just might be the selling point for your perfect buyers.


Updating your home with extra storage before putting it in the market can add value to do both the utility of the storage and the space this extra storage creates. Consider installing some cubby holes or closet shelving in order to reduce clutter and improve organization possibilities. Kitchens are a common area that potential buyers may want more storage and updating, so pay special attention to this area.

If there’s one thing to take away from these tips, it’s that the best way to summarize improving resale value is that it comes down to updating. A house that has already been lived in can compete with newer houses and improve value by making things look more current. If you are looking at selling Berkeley real estate or homes in another area of Denver or Aurora, you should consider using these tips and the advice of an agent in order to get the most resale value.

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