When looking for a home, potential home buyers always have a list of what they want in mind, such as how many bedrooms, stories, bathrooms, or if they want a pool. But there are other things buyers should be looking out for that could be a sign that buying a certain home would require more fixing up than expected. While these red flags do not necessarily mean that you have to pass on a home, these issues should be thoroughly evaluated:

An old electrical system

Make sure that the home is thoroughly evaluated for electrical work that is either faulty or out of date. There are many concerns with this type of electrical system. For an outdated system, updating it may require a very expensive overhaul. If you want to keep the electrical system as is, older homes are often given installments of electrical work over the years that the home just may not be designed to work with. If you are deciding between a home with a new electrical system and one with an older system, you may be saving yourself a major headache by going with the more updated one.

A musty smelling basement

If the home has a basement, be weary of funky smells. A musty smelling basement is a sign that there not only may have been flooding but that there could be mold damage as well. Speaking of mold, if you spot mold on the walk through or the inspection turns up mold damage, make sure you know exactly what you’re in for. If you spot mold in a house that is in showing mode, this may be a sign that the home has such a problem that they could not get the mold in check while they are showing the house to sell. Evidence of mold may not be a huge issue, as there is such a thing as a minor mold problem that is easily fixable, but fixing mold can also be a huge project. It could also be a sign that the home is prone to flooding or leakage. If a home you’re looking at has a mold issue, have an expert tell you exactly what level of an issue it is and how much work it would be to fix it.

If you are listing or buying a home, using expert Denver real estate agents could help you spot and evaluate these red flags.

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