For those with a house on the market, showings can be tricky. You’ve got to manage work, kids, and other aspects of your daily lives while keeping your home ready to show. While big picture things aren’t likely to slip by, the simple, smaller touches can actually leave a big impression, and so home listers do not want to forget these simple steps:

Don’t ignore the little dust that’s settled since your last showing.

The number one thing every home seller knows is to keep their home clean. It is likely that a seller expecting showings will be consistent with the deep cleaning, but don’t forget those last minute touch ups. Even if you’ve recently had a showing, it is likely that dust and other minor uncleanliness have accumulated in your home. In order to make a good impression and avoid distracting your visitors, dust off all of your furniture, sweep, and mop the floors. This goes for all aspects of the house—make beds, do the dishes, get those dirty clothes out of view. Make sure bathroom and kitchen counters are sparkling and that all trash has been taken out. You should also make sure the house smells nice to eliminate common household odors. And, don’t forget the dog! Put the dog outside or in a place where Fido won’t be a bother to your guests

Don’t overlook simple updates

While many home sellers may have redecorated or updated parts of their house with big projects, even the littlest of updates can help leave an impression. If you have faded bed sheets, buy new ones. Throw out extra clutter in order to make your space roomier. Move your droopy plant to somewhere out of view and replace it with a livelier one. Fix that leaky sink or creaky door. Basically, small flaws may not seem like a big deal, but a potential buyer may put these things at the front of their mind.

Don’t leave the lights off

This is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of showing a home. Yes, you’ve disciplined yourself to turn out all the lights when you leave the home, but keeping the lights on for your potential buyers arrival can help leave a good impression. Imagine the first look your buyers get at your house looking just like the pictures on the internet. Make sure the windows are clean and open the curtains and blinds. Leaving the lights on will be worth the brightening effect this will have on your home.

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