We’ve been taking a look at the biggest home showing mistakes. For home listers, home showings are essential to the selling process. What your potential buyers seen when they come in the door influences their next move.

And after living in a home for so long, sellers might not realize what negative aspects of their home potential buyers may see. While you may have larger updates and restorations taken care of, listers should not forget the little things that still make an impression. It may help to have a checklist of these home showing tips handy to go through before every showing:

Don’t forget about the backyard

Even if you don’t think about your backyard much, buyers may think of your backyard as one of their top priorities. Backyards offer space for kids, pets, and even adults to run around in. If you don’t have a pool, the buyer may be interested in installing one. If you do have a pool, they’ll likely be checking it out. Make sure the grass has been mowed and the vegetation is neatly manicured. Maybe do some landscaping to help your potential buyer imagine themselves in the backyard. Make sure outdoor furniture is clean and that the backyard looks as spacious and inviting as possible.

Don’t forget to neutralize

Neutralizing is a very important part of showing a home. This means that you are eliminating any distracting elements so that your potential buyer can easily imagine themselves living in your home. While decoration should still try to be memorable and attractive, you should stick with more neutral décor. An often overlooked aspect of neutralizing is odor—many houses have a distinct smell, which may not necessarily be bad, but is noticeable to the buyer. Get some air fresheners or sprays to give your home a more universal and less distracting scent.

Don’t forget about curb appeal

In preparation to sell your home, you may have done some landscaping and painting in your front yard in order to catch the attention or appreciation of those who pass by or those who have stopped to take a closer look. This is your potential buyers’ very first impression of your home. However, like your backyard, you should make sure the smaller, shorter term aspects are taken care of as well. Keep the lawn and flowerbeds consistently manicured and make sure the front porch and sidewalk are properly swept of debris.

There are many aspects of selling a home that a seller must keep in mind, which is why many enlist the help of a real estate agent to manage all the aspects of selling a home. Including showings, there is marketing, open houses, communication between potential buyers, and many other important aspects. If you are listing Denver real estate for sale, consider the help of a PorchLight agent for help navigating the real estate sale market.

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