We’ve been counting down tips for holding a successful open house. Open houses are vital to the home selling process, as it gets many potential buyers in your home at once. Some things to keep in mind as you’re planning your open house:

3. Leave valuables sitting around

Although most listers would like to trust potential buyers, the truth is that those selling their home and holding open houses need to protect themselves. Open houses can be a target for theft, including information theft. If you are holding an open house, store valuables and important documents in a safe place, including a computer that would not be easy to take but easy to log on to. You should also make sure all doors and windows are properly secured following an open house to prevent possible preparation for a theft at a later time.

4. Overwhelm the visitors with chitchat

You should remember that those looking at your house are not there for social reasons. Sure, you will be meeting some very nice people. It is important to be nice back and make a good impression. You should be polite while allowing them to take a look at your house on their own. Potential buyers can focus more on the house when they don’t have someone distracting them. You can introduce yourself, be pleasant, and show them around, but make sure they get an adequate look at their surroundings without the pressure of the current homeowner making them anxious.

5. Offering a four course meal

Many open houses have extravagant catered refreshments for their guests. The truth is that you should keep refreshments simple—finger foods and a few types of drinks are all you need. This is because you want a welcoming atmosphere but not something that distracts from the house. Even if you’d like to flex your entertaining muscles, make sure the focus is showing off your home instead.

6. Not letting anyone know

There are two important points in the process to showcase advertisement. You should make sure to market the open house event effectively on the internet and with flyers. Also, make sure there are informational materials, such as flyers and brochures, on display at the open house in order to give visitors important points of interest at their fingertips and also to take with them as they consider your home. There is no point in having an open house if no one knows about it, so you’ll want to make it known that visitors are welcome.

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