Open houses seem pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many home sellers are guilty of open house faux pas. These types of events are an important part of a house’s marketing plan. In order to host a successful open house, make sure you steer clear of these common open house mistakes.

1. Leaving around mess and clutter

This is one of the most important tips for a successful open house. Although some visitors will be understanding of a little disarray here and there, messes can be distracting. It can be difficult to imagine yourself in a house with another family’s things everywhere. Not only should things be kept clean, but de-cluttered as well. If you have a lot of things, move some stuff to a storage area out of view. You will want a minimalist look in order for a minimum distraction—think about how much easier it would be to imagine owning a house when you can look at it as a clean slate. While you don’t have to make it look like a model home, keeping things simple will help a potential buyer to envision the house as their own.

2. Not freshening up the air

After living in a home for some time, you may have gotten used to certain smells around your house. However, a new visitor will surely be able to smell anything funky around. You should also consider using a scent over the house since most homes have a very distinct smell from their inhabitants, though it is often neither good nor bad but still identifiable. Eliminating this smell follows the same logic as the previous tip—with a more universal smell, your potential buyers will have an easier time seeing the house as their own. Smelling another family gives them the idea that the house belongs to another family, which, the buyer already knows. However, a less individual scent gives the house a more pleasant atmosphere.

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