Denver has so many different architectural styles to offer home buyers, whether you’re looking for something modern, historical, or a mix of the two.Some of the styles you’ll find include:


Tudors are known for their steep roofs, gables on the front and sides of the house, and tall chimneys. These beautiful houses have terra-cotta details and intricate brickwork. To many, they may look like a cottage or country home style. Some may feature herringbone brickwork. Tudor homes rose in popularity after the Colonial Revival, and so you see some of this influence along with other forms of English architectural revival.


This style of home was first named by the British in the 1800s to refer to a one-story house with a porch that was so common in India, then spreading in popularity to Europe and North America. At first, bungalows were more commonly found in California before growing in popularity throughout the United States. Now, you might be thinking that bungalows are best for warm locales by the beach, but this open air feel is also perfect for the mountains. Besides, Denver has more sunny days than San Diego, meaning there will be lots of opportunities for lazy days on the porch. These homes are often built with wooden, natural looking materials with beams and exposed rafters.

Art Deco

These houses may also be referred to as modernistic. It is typically seen as a modern take on neoclassical elements. This architecture is marked with geometric shapes and smooth stonework that can give a futuristic feel. This is often achieved through utilization of metal, concrete, and glass for a simplistic design.

Prairie School

This style is characteristic of the Midwestern United States. Prairie School style homes feature many horizontal lines, including flat roofs. The inspiration behind these horizontal lines was that it was reminiscent of the flat prairies—these homes were often designed to collaborate with the landscape. The roof’s overhanging eves and balconies offer layers of these lines for a creative aesthetic with a homey yet modern feel.


This style of French revival is marked by a combination of Roman and Greek influences with baroque details and overall symmetry. If you like heavy stone and grand staircases, then this style of architecture is right for you. Beaux-Arts doorways will typically have an arch and you’ll find most Beaux-Arts roofs steep pitched.

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