Understanding the ins and outs of real estate takes a lot of time, and even then it’s difficult to know which advice to take. The world is swarmed with real estate advice, both from professionals and aficionados. It can be difficult to understand which advice is good or which advice is misinformed. Here are some more real estate myths to look out for:

For sale-by-owners don’t want to work with a buyer’s agent.

Some might tell you that those selling their house without the help of an agent don’t want to sell their house to someone who uses an agent. This is because both sides will likely save money. But, the truth is, many by-owners may feel intimidated by a buyer with an agent, as their experience may give them a leg up in the negotiation phase. However, many by-owners will understand that agents help the entire process run more smoothly and that the knowledge and experience of an agent is quite the advantage. Some sellers see buyers with an agent as more experienced or trustworthy

Agents will only show you properties that they or a colleague have listed.

The logic here is that agents want a home’s commission to go in their own pocket or in those of their own real estate group. While some real estate agents may do this, most experienced real estate agents know that it is in their advantage to show a variety of homes within a client’s specifications and homes that are truly right for them, regardless of which group represents the home. This is partly because this means a job well done and partly because their job depends on their networking contacts—if you’re happy with your home buying experience, you’re more likely to refer the agent to someone you know when they want to list their house or to use that agent again when you decide to sell or buy a new house. Referrals constantly bring agents new business, which they depend on. Good agents know that in order to bring in new business, they need to do the best job possible with the clients they have.

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