Some individuals choose to list their home without the help of a sellers list. Although many of them do this successfully, the process is not without its headaches. Listing a home on your own is a lot of work, and many for-sale-buy-owners ending up going to a listing agent anyway. The advantages of a listing agent include:

An existing buyer network. When you hire a listing agent, you’re also getting their expansive real estate network that they’ve spent years building up. They will likely come with some potential buyers in mind just from being in the business. Listing agents are in constant communication with their fellow agents, many of which are buyers’ agents looking to connect with sellers. Not only do these potentials come included, but your listing agent will look to expand this list will prospects for you in mind. Having a real estate agent on your side means you have someone constantly scouring the market to expand their network of potential buyers and bringing interest to your home. An accomplished agent will use a variety of marketing aspects to expand this network—websites, flyers, brochures, and other forms of advertising.

Education. When you have someone who has sold many houses before on your side, this experience will help the home lister find the perfect buyer. If you had a problem getting sellers into your home before hiring an agent, they’ll likely know why. Even those who have sold many homes without an agent before will run into bumps in the road that can be smoothed over with the help of a listing agent, especially considering the lister may not have sold a house in that specific location before. A Denver real estate agent knows the Denver market, along with the communities and subdivisions within Denver. They’ll know what prices are fair and what buyers are trustworthy.

Technicalities. Selling a home requires a lot of paperwork and knowledge about the technical aspects of selling a home. There are many legal aspects as well. Unless you’re well versed with all the elements of contracts, inspections, closing, and other issues, expect to be doing a lot of research on your own if you plan on going through it all without an agent. Agents help buyers prevent mistakes that may result in fees or other penalties, potentially saving the seller money.

A go-between. Without agents, home listers must spend a lot of time talking to potential buyers and their agents. Not many people realize the communication skills and personable traits that this role demands. Agents are good at talking to people, especially other real estate agents. When listing homes for sale, using Denver real estate agents means that you’ll be able to spend more time living your life and less time talking real estate with people you’ve never met.

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