Some home buyers may consider going the real estate process on their own. There is nothing wrong with this, but buyers need to keep in mind everything that a real estate agent can do for them. Some of the advantages of having a buying agent on your side:

Experience. Even if you’ve bought a home before, the experience a real estate agent brings to the table is invaluable. They’ll be able to steer clear of any common mistakes a less real estate educated individual would make. Without an agent, a home buyer spends more time searching for their home or their buyer. When making a decision as big as your next home or who will be occupying your home, you need to know that you have all your bases covered. What if you dream home is sitting right under your nose, but without the resources of a real estate agent, you may never notice it.

To have someone on your team. Without a real estate agent, you’ll be representing yourself when looking at houses or communicating with sellers. A real estate agent can read a buyer better and know when a house is a good buy. Your real estate agent will make sure the buyer and the listing agent aren’t taking advantage of you. Often, buyers who go in without an agent are either not taken as seriously or aren’t given as good of a deal, as the listing agent knows that the potential buyers are without the guidance of an agent. Your agent knows the lingo and the market, meaning that they will be able to communicate more effectively and give you a strong representation. Agents will know the best neighborhoods and even the best kinds of sellers.

Networking. Real estate agents consider constant networking and maintaining of contacts an important aspect of their job. This means that they may already know several homes to show you just through their contacts, which can result in a more exclusive selection and perhaps even a better deal. Sellers will be more trusting of a buying agent they know through networking, giving you a leg up if you have competition over your offer.

Technical aspects. Even experienced home buyers must do their real estate homework, not to mention the information a rookie home buyer must understand in order to know what they’re doing. You have real estate terminology, inspections, closing procedures, and many other aspects that involve knowledge and paperwork. And if you incorrectly fill out paperwork, you may face financial penalties or other setbacks.

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