Denver has a wide variety of home styles to choose from. Along with classic and contemporary styles, you’ll have a variety or historical architectures to choose from or even a unique converted home. Some of the styles you’ll find in Denver include:

Denver Square

This style is more broadly referred to as the American Four Square, but its popularity in Denver has earned these houses the name Denver Squares. It’s easy to recognize this classically American style—a square shape, usually with four windows spaced evenly along the front or sometimes with more windows placed evenly along the square front’s four sections. You’ll also have a front porch and an interior typically divided into four square rooms on each floor along with stairs leading up to the front porch.


Victorian architecture gets its name from the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901, during which the style was popularized. The style is recognized as eclectic mix of classic styles and Asian and Middle Eastern elements with ornate detailing and pointed windows. In the United States, this style was largely popular from 1860-1900, the time that many existing homes in Denver were built. These American homes have steep gables and are built starting with the inside, meaning that the outside is a reflection of interior planning rather than being designed completely separately. The interior floor plans are often unique and unexpected, leaving visitors pleasantly surprised at the layout. Victorian homes are sometimes referred to as “American Gothic” because of the Gothic elements and often come in fun colors, usually of the pastel variety.

Queen Ann

The Queen Ann style is considered a Victorian style, but is marked by bolder color schemes and a more eclectic and asymmetric design. The name refers to a style of architecture popularized during the time of Queen Ann of England from 1702-1714, which was revived during the nineteenth century. The British version of this architectural style differs from the American version, which has a much wider range of homes, encompassing broader free Renaissance elements rather than the specific characteristics required of the British version. Some common elements of Queen Ann style homes include a wraparound porch, roofs with overhanging eaves, towers, Dutch-style gables, a variety of wall textures with eclectic designs, bay windows, and columns, among other elements.

Converted Industrial

In an urban area with so much character, you’ll find many condominiums, apartments, and other building types that have been converted from a factory or schoolhouse into residences. The idea of living in an old factory may require some getting used to, but once you see the modern updates, you’ll realize all the personality conversions have to offer.

If you’re looking for Denver Colorado homes for sale, with all these styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the home of your dreams.

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