A community in Denver, the area between Colorado Boulevard and University Avenue makes up Cherry Creek, an upscale neighborhood known for its beautiful mountain homes, upscale amenities, and fantastic outdoor activities. Anyone looking at Denver real estate should note everything Cherry Creek has to offer:

Luxury living. The Cherry Creek neighborhood is known for its higher home values. The median home price in Cherry Creek falls around $500,000, but don’t be surprised to find homes well over a million. This means that even if you’re not looking for a home at the top of those numbers, buying a home in a neighborhood with home values such as these brings value to the lower ranges. With upscale areas like Cherry Creek, you’ll have streets and community spaces that are well taken care of with regular upkeep and beautiful landscaping. Buying a home in a luxury area means that you’ll be in a neighborhood that has a reputation to uphold, so you know there will be consistent investment by the community of the conditions. With these price points, you will also have some great choices of home styles—find the perfect charming Victorian, a more contemporary look, or a variety of other styles.

Countless amenities. Don’t forget about what Cherry Creek has to offer outside of your home—whether you want to eat, shop, work out, grab a bagel, or lounge outside with a nice cup of coffee, Cherry Creek has something for you. Check out lively cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, nice gyms, grocery superstores, and upscale retail like Tiffany & Co. and Coach. Once you leave the doors of your luxury Cherry Creek home, you have so many choices for what’s next.

A recreational paradise. For some Cherry Creek residents, the main attraction to Cherry Creek is the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. If your choice activity is golfing, the Denver Country Club is located in Cherry Creek. One of the most popular area bike paths runs for over 40 miles along Cherry Creek and the Cherry Creek reservoir and Cherry Creek State Park offers many outdoor enthusiast activities, such as camping, fishing, picnicking, and, weather permitting, even cross-country skiing. Go out on the water in paddle-boats, power-boats, and sailboats. Cherry Creek is rich in culture, as well: the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, a three day market and gala, showcases the work of artists and presents some great pieces up for sale or enjoyment.

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