Buying real estate is complicated—even more so when the buyer has never bought a home before. There are certain things every new home buyer should keep in mind to avoid common rookie mistakes:

Shop around, even if you’ve fallen in love. First-time home buyers sometimes fall in love with the idea of buying a house. With all the excitement of this new life stage, new home buyers might feel they’ve found the right home for them the first time they find a house within their budget that they could see themselves in. Sure, if you’ve found the house of your dreams at a price you can afford, you should consider this seriously, but even if this is the case, you will want to do your homework on area homes first. Know what a good price is for similar homes nearby so you know that the price is fair, which can sometimes be difficult to keep in perspective when you’re in a new market. Make sure you know what school district the house is located in and other facts about the area. Shopping around can prevent surprises later on once you’ve oriented yourself.

Another common issue for new home buyers is that they lose sight of their lifestyle. Sometimes, if there’s a particular feature a home buyer wants, such as certain architecture or a spa, they forget about other aspects of their lifestyle. Finding that perfectly charming Victorian can sometimes make a home buyer forget that they wanted to be able to walk to a grocery store or live near a recreation area. What’s around the house is often just as important as what is in it—even if they’ve found the perfect home, being far away from the gym or your favorite running trails is going to be an issue for as long as they live there. Or, perhaps they’ve been looking for a brick fireplace so long, they overlook the importance of the three bathrooms they wanted once finding it. Keep a checklist of everything you wanted fresh in your mind and consider carefully what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood. With all the emphasis on location, some new home buyers forget the importance of location down to neighborhood. Even the safest areas can have weak or vulnerable spots. Don’t just be satisfied with any house within a general area that you like—look at the subdivision and the street in terms of your expectations with the rest of the area. If you’ve found what you think is a bargain in an upscale area, make sure it’s not because the house’s neighborhood has a lower property value than its surroundings. You can prevent this problem when looking for Denver real estate for sale by researching the best neighborhoods beforehand or just ask your Realtor you’ll find out that the right community can make all the difference with charming and diverse neighborhoods like Baker, Cherry Creek, or Berkeley.

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