When listing your home, it is important to be on the same page as your listing agent. Before hiring an agent, get to know them a little and become familiar with their working habits. To find the right agent, there are several questions you should be sure to ask:

What percentage is the agent commission?

Payment is something every seller needs to have established before hiring a listing agent. This will vary according to area and other variables but most agents will receive a 6% commission. It is important to make clear that this includes the broker’s fee, as it usually does, and any other aspect of the agent’s services. This may seem like quite a bit at first but one must factor in the time the agent has spent marketing and networking since the house was listed—prep work, advertising, showings. Even if your house sells in days, this adds up to a lot of hours. Agents are able to offer invaluable advice regarding interior design and how best to market your house. Make sure you have in writing how much these services cost and understand what exactly is expected of both you and your agent during the listing process.

Do you like working in real estate?

This may seem like a question of small talk, but it is also a great way to find out what kind of agent you’re dealing with. If your agent says that they are selling real estate in between jobs or because of a lack of other opportunities then they probably won’t be putting their heart into selling your house. If your agent replies with a passion for real estate, then you have someone who is dedicated to their craft and is likely more knowledgeable about the industry.

What do you know about my neighborhood?

You’ll want an agent that is familiar with your area. Someone who has sold houses in your area in the past or at least has familiarity with the area will be able to navigate your local market better. An agent with knowledge about your neighborhood will have more experience attracting the right kind of buyers and finding the best fit.

These are only a few questions to ask when putting up Denver real estate for sale. For help listing or buying a home, the agents at PorchLight Real Estate are available to answer questions like these and more.

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