Choosing to list your home requires a lot of work—advertising, networking, home preparation, and more. Using a real estate agent to list your home relieves the homeowner of most of the work and will help sell their home faster. This is why it is beneficial to not only use an agent but to use a good agent. There are certain issues homeowners should discuss with potential agents so that they know the whole team is on the same page.

What strategies will be used to sell my home?

This may seem like a question with an easy answer, but often what separates dedicated agents from others is the extra effort put in outside of the standard. In addition to the typical strategies of listing your home online, setting out flyers, organizing showings and open houses, there is a whole world of possibilities available to market a home. You want an agent that will take advantage of a variety of marketing strategies in order to reach a wide group of people. These strategies may include connecting the client to a professional designer and photographer in order to best showcase your home to buyers. They will put effort into customized and attractive listings rather than a plain, generic listing description that won’t catch anyone’s eye. Agents can extend beyond flyers and create professional brochures to advertise your home. They will also advertise beyond the typical real estate websites, utilizing sites such as Google and Craigslist.

When will you schedule showings?

Showings require a coordinated effort between the agent, homeowner, and potential buyer. Although you want to have showings in order to generate interest, you will still want these showings to coordinate with your schedule for minimal disruption as you sell your house—homeowners maintain their schedule as they go through the selling process, with activities revolving around their social lives, family, work, and recreation. A good agent will be considerate of this schedule, showing the house at times that are convenient to the homeowner, like when they are at work or routinely go to out to the gym or other activities. This is not just for the benefit of convenience—if a homeowner is caught with a showing at an inconvenient time, they could be pressed for time and can’t clean up messes before the showing, or perhaps the homeowner may be caught off guard in another way. Scheduling showings during convenient times results in a house looking its best while the homeowner is off living their life with little disruption.

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