Aurora, Colorado is more than a friendly community with a beautiful mountain view—the Aurora real estate market is moving. Aurora’s real estate statistics show that the city’s market is showing progress, a bright spot in this recovering market. The median number of days Aurora homes are staying on the market is 21 while the national figure is at 78. With a 6% decrease in home resale inventories, this means that Aurora’s market is seeing more and more activity.

Over a thousand homes for sale are currently listed and the median sales price has increased by 16.7%. Considering the overall rise in single family home sales, with numbers like these, one could expect the upward trend to continue. In terms of value, Zillow’s home value index shows Aurora’s home values have increased by 17.3%. There are a number of factors influencing the market, but a simple one is Aurora itself—the value of an Aurora home reflects the strengths of the city:

The community is growing. A rise in single family home sales probably has something to do with Aurora’s population growth. Aurora’s population has been steadily rising for decades, with a growth rate at almost 20% since 2000 while the national rate is about 8%. The 2010 census showed a population of 325,078 people. Aurora is becoming one of the most popular places to move, ranked ninth in best American cities to relocate to. One attraction is that Aurora’s cost of living is lower than the national average, but you’d never know this when looking at the beautiful city.

Aurora values itself. Investing in a home means investing in a community, and many home owners have taken notice of Aurora’s community outreach programs. In terms of the real estate market, the city has a neighborhood stabilization program made possible with funds from the federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act. This program buys and develops foreclosures, preventing the problems of vacancy and abandonment, which decrease both the aesthetic and monetary value of a community. Other programs focus on crime prevention and mediation between citizens and the community. On the social level, Aurora is known for its small-town feel with a tradition of block parties and friendly neighbor relations. A community that invests in itself brings reassurance that the city will support homeowners with future problems.

There’s plenty to do. Along with this small town feel comes big city opportunities. You’ll find a lively downtown scene, museums, and theaters along with a wide range of outdoor activities. The Rocky Mountains lie an hour away by car and the city itself boasts eighty parks and over 8,000 recreation programs held by the Library & Recreation Services department every year. The Aurora and Quincy reservoirs give citizens a chance to go sailing, swimming, fishing, and boating. For golfers, the city has seven award-winning municipal courses.

Whether you’re looking at statistics or the community, the Aurora real estate market offers a great opportunity for those looking for a new home.

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