Hiring a buyer’s agent for finding a home is a personal choice, and one that should not be taken lightly. Hiring a buyer’s agent can be a wonderful experience, if you interview your agents correctly and carefully choose the best agent for yourself. Many times, however, buyers are reluctant to commit to one particular agent, and they would prefer to feel like they’re in control of their buying experience by scheduling the showings themselves and contacting the listing agent or homeowner on their own. What these buyers don’t realize is that many homeowners and listing agents would much prefer to deal with a buyer’s agent and that the agent-less buyer may even be putting themself at a disadvantage by not using their own agent. Why is it smarter to work with your own agent?

Gauranteed Representation – Hiring a buyer’s agent of your own gaurantees that your rights, wants and needs will be represented in the transaction. Many times when a buyer is looking at a home that’s already been listed by the homeowner, they’re not even dodging paying the commission. What these buyers don’t understand is that the homeowner agrees to pay the listing agent anywhere from 5-7 (usually 6) percent of the sales price in commission form. Having a buyer’s agent help you in the purchasing of the home requires that the listing agent split that commission in half with the agent who procures a buyer. So, if there is no buyer’s agent to speak of, then the listing agent just keeps the full commission and either becomes a dual agent, or, in most states, becomes a transaction broker for both parties. In this scenario, your rights become the responsibility of the listing agent, so you might as well have hired a buyer’s agent. Make sense?

Smoother Process – If you do not have your own buyer’s agent and are contacting each listing agent directly, you will soon realize that each agent will want you to buy their home. Instead of being shown around by your own agent, who has your wants and needs in mind, you will have to take tours from the listing agent, who will pressure you to buy their Berkeley real estate only; not the one that you like the best. You’ll also have a much more difficult time even getting a showing. While most listing agents will generally get back to you when you don’t have an agent, since it will mean a double commission for them, other agents will completely ignore requests to see a home without having a buyer’s agent.

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